dirty day dreams

I am playing in the dirt, to ensure I stay out of trouble

I am tending to my garden, instead of illicit relationships

I am sore from physical activity and not from sexual release

I work until exhaustion and blisters form then rupture

And yet still I go to bed, toss and turn, unable to sleep

Because my lustful mind, betrays my tired body

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6 Responses to dirty day dreams

  1. G Richard says:

    How does a post like this fail to hit your blog? Way too relevant to not post it.

    Thanks, Garth Sent from my iPhone


  2. Gardens are good, despite not satiating all desire. While you’re busy making things grow the trouble you seek is making its way toward you. Patience.

    • rougedmount says:

      if all else fails i shall have rough hands but a tighter ass

      • wear gloves dear… rough hands are never appreciated in some regions 😉

      • rougedmount says:

        lol..i definitely wear gloves for some work, but in taking apart fine roots, i find that i like to get my hands dirty…i also take off my gardening shoes so i can feel the dirt…and as to these foreign regions you speak of? i highly doubt i shall be in that country let alone have hands on the ground, so to speak, in quite a while. once my flower gardens are done (this week! yeh!) i am planting my veggie garden…and then i am building a foot bridge over a small creek so it’s easier to portage my kayak down to the lake. so universe, if you have any intentions of placing someone in my path, i shall be lost in the woods or alone on the water..tell him to bring spf 60 as i get freckles on my nose

      • Now THAT is what I call thinking positively and I hope that the universe listens intently.

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