over compensating

Do you think I should come to your bed, as if your nakedness was something interesting and all it revealed, worthwhile for me to play with? Like I should be enraptured by the mere idea of your most private appendage? You want me to engage in erotic playtime without the benefit of knowing what you are bringing to the interaction? Do you think that your big words will win me over? Do you imagine that by sharing with me about the largess of your career, that it will impress me into overlooking the fact that you are keeping vital and pertinent information from me?

I am not looking to marry you and have you become financially bound to me. Neither am I at a loss of words and in need of someone to increase my vocabulary. The only thing that is really going to matter, when all is said and done, is the size of your cock and whether or not you are able to use what you have. Size, if you have it,  is nothing without skill, and size diminishes exponentially with every assertation that your size should be enough to please someone, without the benefit of any effort on your part. Your attitude is a game changer as to if I will invest in you or not.

Sad really, that you are letting me know about your big job with your big words and working so hard to avoid sharing any information whatsoever about the thing that we both know, will matter when I make the decision to proceed to intimacy with you or not. Be prepared for me to kiss and tease you to arousal. Accept the fact I shall grind and rub, suggest and whisper naughty things in your ear, all with the intent of finding out for myself, by groping you in a semi public venue; if you have anything between your thighs, I think I may be able to work with.

If all this hesitation and submissiveness, if all your deflection is because you are lacking in the area that I require to meet my minimum needs, then I shall politely make my excuses and walk away from the evening, leaving you sexually frustrated from my failure to proceed what you may have felt was promised, by my teasing. I may not voice the real reason which is simply that we are not sexually compatible. I can not submit to someone who is emotionally and physically submissive to me.

You would be nothing more than a diversion for me to vent frustrations on. I could see myself making snide little remarks that would lean more towards humiliation as opposed to teasing, and that is not someone I want to be, because it is part of my personality to be very dominant and in control. I do not respect the submissiveness of a sexual partner, like a true dominant personality would and because I know that, it means I must avoid what I see as your perceived weakness as it would bring out the worst in me.

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19 Responses to over compensating

  1. G Richard says:

    To suggest that you are an intriguingly erotic woman is paramount to suggesting that infinity is somewhat difficult to quantify. Once again, your words leave me with a twisted smile and thoughts of the unknown scents of the physical you – thoughts which will no doubt invade my sleep tonight. Sweet dreams beautiful creature

  2. I wish they would be honest. Size matters.

  3. throwawy says:

    So why do you always lie and say size doesn’t matter?

    • rougedmount says:

      i don’t lie – perhaps you should re-read what was written as opposed to seeing what you assume is a validation of your inadequacy. Nothing is worse that a small attitude towards sexuality and it’s variations.

      • throwaway says:

        You do lie, you say size matters in one post, and then no in another.

        “deflection is because you are lacking in the area that I require to meet my minimum needs, then I shall politely make my excuses and walk away from the evening, leaving you sexually frustrated from my failure to proceed what you may have felt was promised, ”

        Tell me how I am misreading that?

      • rougedmount says:

        i do want to clarify that the comment was not made towards you. i am just curious as to how you might know or even assume, what “my” personal requirements are, since every woman is very different as to their preferences…to be honest they can even vary dependent on arousal levels.

      • throwaway says:

        Do you know how depressing it is, to search in google for “how accept your small penis”, and I find a blog where all it is “size matters” men with small dicks are sexually inferior? That’s how I found your. blog cause I’m trying to be happy with my body, and I find nothing, but negative.

      • rougedmount says:

        I am assuming that you can not have read much of my blog to make a comment like you have. Here is my quick Coles notes version: a small dick does not make a man sexually inferior, his bad attitude about it, does. You will never be able to compete with a man who is well endowed. It’s like placing Michael Jordan and Tyrion Lannister side by side and asking them to reach an object at the back of the counter. Besides, who has decided how high the counter is, anyway?
        While easy for one, it has to take some creative thinking for the smaller of the two to achieve the same goal. I should point out that the goal in question is bringing your partner pleasure. You WILL read several comments and posts that I make over the YEARS I have been writing that are contradictory. I am human and have preferences as I am sure you do.
        I am also able to drawn upon my past in understanding my body and what I like/want and need in a sexual partner. Does that make me bad? No. It makes me mature. Size means NOTHING unless the man it is attached to, has the primary goal of pleasing their partner. Blog after blog say the exact same thing. Men who are in a HAPPY relationship, who are with women they bend over backwards to please sexually, are with women who love them dearly.
        They do not love them “in spite of” their small penis, they love them because they are sexually compatible and feel cared for. They discover what works for them and they fine tune it through open and honest communication. They do not spew diatribes at each other or resent the other for something that is not available to them. Relationships work because both sides are vested in its success and it is cemented together by a shared sexual compatibility.
        Being angry at your endowment is akin to doing a comb over when you start to bald. Do you keep denying the fact that anyone who sees you can see that you are balding and trying to hide it, or do you shave it all off and just get on with living as you truly are? You have a functioning penis, which is far more than many have. You need to start focusing on your sensuality as opposed to sexuality; once you do, your partners will note that your skill level is something they seek and are grateful for.

      • rougedmount says:

        I highly suggest you take a look at a friends blog, as the discussion there is valuable. Please make sure you go to the beginning and read comments. You can learn much from the interaction: http://lovesmallpenis.wordpress.com/

    • G Richard says:

      And your expectations regarding this rather disrespectful, accusatory and fallacious comment would be? A sad self commentary indeed.

      • G Richard says:

        My comment was obviously a response to Throwawy – to the extent such clarification is required,

      • throwaway says:

        It’s not disrespectful if it’s true. She does lie. She says size matters in this thread, and that size doesn’t matter in another.

      • rougedmount says:

        you’ll also see that I said the size of an attitude towards the sexual encounter means more than any perceived large endowment

  4. throwaway says:

    Ok I feel better, but like you said I can’t compete, which I interpret – not good enough. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking that, but that’s what comes to mind when reading that.

    • rougedmount says:

      you can be the best goldfish in the world and never be able to climb a tree like the worst of squirrels. you can not judge yourself using a set of standards that are not applicable to you. do not compare yourself to men with 9 inch dicks….compare yourself “as a lover” to every other man who is YOUR size. No woman wants a lazy lover. They take quality over size EVERY time. Read the blogs..size means nothing without ability..all women are built differently inside, the same as men are on the outside.
      funny isn’t it? we are the same as everyone else but different. what works for one woman does not work for another. 75-80% of women PREFER clitoral orgasm…so stop being so focused on the 20-25% who don’t. You have the largest selection of women to choose from. A selfish male lover wants one thing. penetration and quickly. He wants to get himself off. A man who has a small package has to make a choice..that’s right…a CHOICE. He has to decide if he is going to be a good lover who attends to every sexual desire his partner has and pushes her limits and his own, or does he spend his sexual life wishing for something he will never have and make his partners suffer for his inability to become a quality lover.

      • Anonymous says:

        This post really hit home for me, I’m a good looking guy, with a great job, money… Etc. but the moment of truth really comes when they pull down your pants

      • rougedmount says:

        a man with a large cock, who can’t get hard, or worse, refuses to use it to please his partner, is more useless in bed that a man with a small penis who is willing to pleasure the person he is with. what matters is the effort … if you have it and give it, then it MORE than equalizes the playing field.

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