protect the little children

if anyone harms a child and you witness it in person,

if you do not stand between that child and harms way

then you are every bit as guilty, as the evil soul hurting them


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6 Responses to protect the little children

  1. Rule #4: Always Interfere

    • rougedmount says:

      AMEN – when in doubt, defend the weak – there are some things that are almost impossible to think about, let alone witness. my inaction would last as long as it took my brain to register what i was seeing.

      • Hit a child in front of me, and watch what happens. I witnessed a family member beat one of their kids once when I was very, very little. It was terrifying. I’ll never let that happen again.

      • rougedmount says:

        i am possessive of children. every child has the potential to be mine and i do not respond well to ANY type of aggressive behaviour towards little ones. it has gotten me into trouble in the past and made me realize that I can incite a mob to violence if I had to. i am glad you are a protector of those who may need you one day – i hope you never have to put it into action.

      • I’ve never stepped in for a child in my adult life, as I’ve thankfully not needed too. I’ve stepped in for a few women however. I’m not a fan of violence… Being bigger and stronger is a responsibility, not a right you can abuse because you’ve had a bad day, are drunk, or just feel like it.

  2. Yes. I’ve recently unburied my resentments toward the school officials, family and friends who knew I was being abused. I’ll probably stare at it for awhile and stop projecting *my* values onto those people/personas long enough to see the roots as they affect my life now. I’m going to finish processing this and let it go. Their karmic consequences are theirs, not mine. As it turns out, I had to unconsciously replicate that abandonment [god that’s twisted] so I can finally face it down. Not mental jujitsu, more like jettisoning those bags ‘o shit.

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