delicate gardner

i have been increasing my activity level and it’s killing me

you think i am exaggerating – but i am not

today i was gardening and i over did it

muscle fatigue about 98%

and i don’t mean planting pansies in a window box

think “Little House on the Prairie” meets “Survivor Man”

i needed to hold something to get into the Hot Tub

i could not close the lid once I got out

i knew there would be issues when I went upstairs

as in i barely made it upstairs

i showered and felt the burn lifting my arms to shampoo

i lifted a leg to shave and my other leg started trembling

whoa, like REALLY trembling as in post marathon muscles

i came downstairs, one step at a time, slowly

like a toddler or an ancient person

sore? ohhhhh i surpassed sore a few hours ago

thank GOD for the hot tub and wine

i am taking an anti inflammatory IF I can make it back upstairs

and I have serious doubt I could get back down again tonight

i chuckled over a posting a friend put on Facebook

and I either cracked a rib or strained my spine

i closed Facebook to not risk any further exertions of humor

you know when you look at a Spartan man in a loin cloth?

and you can see every rippling man muscle?

well minus the rippling and man part

those are the muscles that hurt on me

like … all of them …

i swear to you, i can feel my fingernails growing

and we ALLLLLL know that today isn’t even the ‘hard’ day!

the next day is ALWAYS worse!

Lord help me

my kingdom for a body rub


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15 Responses to delicate gardner

  1. hemmingplay says:

    What the hell did you do? Re-dig the Panama Canal?

  2. 'Tis says:

    My right calf is having sympathy cramps for you right now. 🙂

  3. Now lets hope theres no sunburn to go with it. Rest up, lots of water 😉

    • rougedmount says:

      no sunburn – i chose an overcast and dreary day, with rain in the morning and in the evening, so it would be less of a shock for dividing and transplanting. and i definitely had water – after i had the wine in the hot tub..heehee

  4. G Richard says:

    “my kingdom for a body rub” – Offer happily accepted. Sincerely, A man who has followed your pheromonic words silently from afar

    • rougedmount says:

      well then my dire discomfort had a positive side, in allowing me to see your voice. Thank you for reading and providing me with the delightful visual pairing of “pheromonic words”

  5. dievca says:

    OMG– Today is going to be a BEAR for you. Good Luck.Coffee and two muscle relaxers to start (isn’t this why you have a very tall children? to help? I know they are athletic. XO)

    • rougedmount says:

      i made it downstairs and into the hot tub..seriously, i do not think i could ever live without a hot tub – they are magical places of wonder – then i went for a walk around the block to get the flowing and muscles warmed up. i am tight (and not in the good way) and am fighting off that dreaded feeling of everything just seizing up. i seriously over did it. i basically did squats for 6 hours…SIX HOURS … every muscle in my thighs, hips, core, obliques, ass and lower back were worked to their absolute maximum. Yesterday was overcast after raining in the morning and rain last night, so everything I dug up,I had to get back in. The problem was that I realized there were spaces in behind where I wanted to plant things, that I had to fill in with other plants I had to dig up, break apart and move. SO basically, I doubled my intended work. By the time I realized I was in trouble, I still had another hour of work to do. (uhh oh!) Good news is that my wonderful body let me abuse it horribly and will forgive me enough to let me walk today and I will TRY to remember this lesson in the future.

      • daytightliving says:

        There is always some other little thing to do beyond what you originally planned, lol. Ah, the life of a gardener.

  6. daytightliving says:

    OMG this was me this past weekend! I did what I would consider a normal day of gardening and HOO BOY did I pay for it for the next few days! Only now can I walk without pain! That’s exactly what I said to someone the other day — I essentially did squats ALL DAMN DAY without realizing it.

    Getting old sucks. Pass the Tylenol! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      “Getting old” – I seriously doubt it. Your thoughts, your emotions, your being, – amazingly erotic. I am simply captivated. Yes, overtly invested, and I don’t give a fuck. “Pass the Tylenol” no. Hand you a mojito, smile, touch your arm with sweet passion, yes.

    • rougedmount says:

      i have NO clue how many squats I actually did – but I did them for 6 hours…and every muscle involved in squatting is under 95% protest … is it bad to admit that at one point yesterday i actually considered just going outside to stand up to pee in the backyard?

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