Cuckold before dinner

A slight five o’clock shadow darkens your cheeks and somehow makes your goatee stand out more. Dark hair with traces of silver on the sides tousled from the wind, falling over your forehead giving you a bad boy edge. It’s slightly too long to be an immaculate GQ image, but it makes you look carefree and sexy. When you come around the corner to talk to me, your suit still looks like you just got ready to go out, instead of just arriving at home from work. You look crisp and comfortable and I am struck once again by just how incredibly handsome you are.

Women look at you. Tall, ex-athlete’s with a powerful build and a pretty face, tend to draw female attention. Straight, dark eyebrows over eyes the shade of green you see in newly growing valley’s, from a distance. Straight, white teeth and a big wide smile make it hard to not look twice. Like a million times before, I see you and I am so sexually aware of you that your presence is all it took to arouse me.

We banter, make small talk, exchange the required information to catch each other up on the day’s occurrences and needs for the rest of the week. My distracted mind must have changed the tone of my voice because I hear the suggestion of interest in something you said and it ignites me. A subtle current of implied intimacy and I react as if touched by more than my own vivid imagination.

I straddle you on the sofa; yoga pants tight across my wide ass, your hands grasping, massaging, the round globes and my hips before sliding up my back and sides, under my white t-shirt, and around to cup my bra-less breasts and pulling hard on the erect nipples. I am arching for more contact and grinding against your groin, hands in your hair at the back of your head and I give myself whisker burn from rubbing against your face.

I pull your tie loose, unbuttoning your shirt from your neck, pushing the jacket from your shoulders after clenching the material in my hands. I whisper naughty things in your ear and your body responds underneath me.

“I love when you touch me like this. Yes, just like that! The only thing that would make it better is if you could hold me like this and I had a huge cock slide into me from behind.”

“Would you like to be inside of me, right now? Do you want me to sit on you like this, while I suck on a big cock, so you can hear every single time he thrusts into my mouth until he makes me gag on it?”

“Hold my hair out of the way for him, so he can see me struggle to get his head inside of my mouth.”

“I’ll take care of all his needs, like a good wife should. You don’t mind waiting your turn, so I can service his big cock, first.”

“I love when you watch those big cocks sink themselves inside of me. See how they make me arch and cry out; stretching me wide open to take them balls deep so I can drain them. See how my body responds to it, how much I love it.”

“You love having a slutty little wife, don’t you? A cock sucking wife who loves cum and wants it dripping from her lips and down her chin and neck.”

“Do you want to share me? Watch me? Wait your turn?”

You couldn’t stand up, holding me, fast enough and it made me laugh. Your eyes were hooded and burning for me. I slid down your front, feeling your little erection, before I turned my back to you and headed up the stairs a few feet in front of you, whispering over my shoulder “ You’ll have to fuck me to find out if you were the first or last, today.”

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4 Responses to Cuckold before dinner

  1. diirrty says:

    Was he first or last?

  2. larryarcher says:

    I’d love to be either first or last! Erotic post and loved the descriptive phrases.

  3. Less says:

    This was amazingly hot!!

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