i don’t bowl, play darts, shoot pool or watch Nascar

if you are interested in these types of things, chances are, we don’t have a lot in common

i am not covered in tats, nor do i have facial, lip or nose piercings

i have never shaved part of my head or colored my hair purple

if you are attracted to this type of women, chances are, we don’t have a lot in common

i do not smoke, i don’t do drugs and believe cannabis falls into both categories

and while i am 420 friendly, i have no desire to partake or be around people who need it just to have fun

so if booze and pot are part of your week ends, chances are, we don’t have a lot in common

if you have to hire someone to fix a broken railing, a leaking faucet or have hands softer than mine

i can not respect you as a functioning adult male and we are not compatible

if you don’t take care of your teeth, never mind not being compatible, i am grossed out

if you can brag that the last time you read a book was 20 years ago

besides being sad, we truly have nothing in common

if you have no basic understanding of current events, basic geography, basic English

basically we are not compatible

if your music interest is limited to a specific genre, then you are missing so much

it’s not a deal breaker as long as you understand my interests lay in an eclectic mixture

ranging from: Gospel, R&B, Country, Rap, Classic Rock, Pop, Reggae, Classical, Instrumental, Bagpipes, Techno, Opera, Golden Oldies

sometimes all on the same playlist

if you have an overwhelming need to talk about your car/vehicle/truck make and model

i pretty much lose interest immediately, as all i understand is what color it is

and not how much you are trying to imply that you make

good for you all decked out in your Harley posed picture in the brand new leathers

after just getting your bike licence and dropping 25,000 on a showroom bike

i’ve had mine for 30 years and mount an after market modified custom ride

if you are fetish focused, then we are not compatible because I am not my sexual preferences

and do not want to be treated like a prop in your future weird sexual highlight, spank bank

if you need me in stockings and heels giving you a golden shower to inspire your erection

well i think you have a psychological issue and not a sexual fetish

and porn

if you watch it every day or several times a day and need to use it to self service yourself

instead of having it as a normal part of your sexual life of variety between adults

then you have an addiction and are abusing it and we just aren’t compatible

if you need me to always be dominant and bully you, to get you excited in bed

then we are not a match because it’s the opposite of what excites me

if you are pretentious, condescending, elitist and a micro manager

well, you basically suck as a person,  never mind as a potential partner

if you rely solely on your fingers, tongue or toys to pleasure me

it’s not going to work for me as i require that in conjunction with penetration by living male flesh

it’s pretty simple really

i need you to be a dominant, masculine, assertive male who loves an educated feminine woman with a back bone


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9 Responses to commonality

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    Well said, well done and honest as always, spoken with style and conviction that doesn’t ring with any condesention. Aside from the last part — only due to being very happily married — I’d say we would likely be good friends. Or if nothinbg else, would eanjoy each other’s musical play lists.

    • rougedmount says:

      we can still be good friends because your wife has to be awesome if she gets,understands and appreciates your humor. it was the story about the pole and her laughter that clinched it for my love of

      • Ned's Blog says:

        Haha — Wait, are you saying I’m complicated? 😉
        Yeah, her laughter is the best part of my day, every day. We make each other laugh a lot. And we never talk about trucks…

  2. Ned's Blog says:

    And I’m not sure what happened with my spelling in that last sentence… No drugs, I swear 😉

  3. dragonfly918 says:

    Haha! How is it that I agree with every item listed?

    • rougedmount says:

      well there are people on either side of the fetish fence (no offence to people who love golden showers, dominance lifestyles or bowling ) you know what you do i.. and i know what will and won’t work for me

  4. Luna says:

    Before I met my Sir I had been talking part in some standard maintenance counseling (sometimes it’s nice to have an impartial sounding board) to work through a couple of things and she suggested writing down what I really wanted to find in a partner. It ended up being 4 pages long (haha) which I then narrowed down to the thirteen things I couldn’t be without. Loved this post as it was a great list as well as a great display of your attitude (which I find refreshing and familiar, lol). Nicely done!

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