back it up

… that sick feeling you have when you think your blogs been deleted or something by wordpress and it takes you like 10 minutes to log in and by the time you get to your actual ‘normal’ screen, you feel like you may barf or have severe gastro issues necessitating an emergency rush to the bathroom…

yeah…i have that

time to create a new back up, emergency ‘ just in case’ blog

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12 Responses to back it up

  1. ContactRida says:

    i’ve been wondering if i should buy the 911 backup by WP. maybe i will…

  2. Oh crap. I never thought about that! Something else to worry about.

    • rougedmount says:

      seriously – you should save posts you want to your cloud drive in hotmail or something so they still stay hidden but are saved ‘somewhere’ … online is so ‘vulnerable’ isn’t it? we are one solar flare away from obscurity…maybe i will grab some indian ink and parchment paper…

  3. I had trouble today too. It kept trying to tell me to write in my blog or save room for others wtf?!? Finally after about 4 times, I got in. Know the feeling, I too was very sick. And worse, angry at myself for not buying the flash I keep telling myself to do.

  4. 'Tis says:

    I’d gone back and saved all my stuff to word docs after my husbands blog got shut down, but i had no where near the archive you do. I know the feeling all to well though, it’s the same one that comes over me when I have to spend large amounts of money. Someone direct me to nearest bathroom please. lol

  5. Luna says:

    Geesh! Thanks rougedmount! Like I needed something else to do. 😉 Seriously though, good reminder. I somehow forget that having your blog crash (or be shut down) is a possibility. And I know exactly the feeling you’re talking about.

    • rougedmount says:

      well i had a little mini panic attack before i could ‘find’ my blog and it made me realize how vulnerable things are if you don;t have a back up plan

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