of course Size matters

When I read the latest post from the Undie Drawer, about the size of a man’s penis mattering, my first thought was of course size matters – and since the inside of every woman is as different as the outside of every man, you never know what size is optimal until you experience the differences offered.

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7 Responses to of course Size matters

  1. ItMatterstoGrey says:

    Ok, but in the end what is more important, length or girth?

    • rougedmount says:

      neither, unless the man knows how to control himself and is a good partner. Most importantly he is a match for the woman he is with…each woman has her own sexual needs that are met …some by length and some by thickness. So what is perfect for one woman is not going to be adequate for another. A mans penis size matters…but the rest of that sentence is it matters to the size of the womans vagina he is inside of.

  2. Size and….well, the ability to keep it erect!

  3. mckismeisreallyme says:

    LOL I will admit that for me it’s more about the lover then the size. I mean dh is a perfect 9.5 inches fully erect, cut, beautiful penis. Sadly because I am not his body type and his attraction to me is minimal I haven’t benefitted from this in a way that I’d like. I’ve been with men with larger and smaller but I will say that my long distance lover is average at best in terms of size. Though the earth shattering orgasms I have when I am with him are all about his attention to me and my pleasure, his genuine attraction and desire for me and the way he has seduced my mind long before I ever met him. He is the embodiment of the quote “the pleasure is about the lover and not about the sex”…

    • rougedmount says:

      ohhh believe me when i say i understand this 100% because it was the exact same thing for myself. if men understood this, if they were taught to focus all their skills and learning on pleasing and pleasuring a woman, she will elevate him to the status of a sexual God. unfortunately, because so many men fail at basic skills in bed..the myth is perpetuated that the reason she isn’t satisfied is because his penis isn’t big enough.

  4. It is more about the lover than the size. But there are times where a penis just seems to belong with your body versus not. I know my current partner has a smaller penis, and at that first moment of seeing it, I was disappointed. But now I wouldn’t pick anyone else. Not only cause he’s a fantastic lover, but his penis hits my internal gspot almost perfectly. The fact that he knows this and plays into it makes any encounters with him mindblowing.
    I think if his penis was larger, it wouldn’t be the same.

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