20 something

Having a tattoo does not make you ‘cool’

Or bad ass

Complaining about your minimum wage job

Does not make you seem smart

Or interesting

Bitching about your need for a man

To take care of you

And pay your bills

Does not make you seem independent

Or even date worthy

Living with your parents

Because you can’t get along with room mates

Doesn’t make you the best choice

For a girlfriend

Or a wife

You complain and spend

You cut your hair too short

And color it stupid colors

You have piercing scars between your eye brows

And over them

And snake bite scars

And 2 nose piercings on the same side

You look stupid and vain

In your 20 selfie pics a week

You drone on and on about your “new tatt”

Done by a very meagre artist

Because you have no money to pay a talented one

And you end up proudly showing off a mess

That’s permanent

You treat education as if it were a toxic disease

Boastful that “your not gonna waist any off yur time of”


It is embarrassing me to watch the train wreck of your life

And I wonder at the type of man

Who would be desperate enough to seriously date you

When by date 2 you proclaim to all who will listen


Insert rolled eyes ‘here’

How about you grow up, pay your own bills and like yourself

Become a stable woman a man wants to partner with

Not take care of

You aren’t arm candy and you’re not smart

You are the bottom of the barrel who has no standards

And that’s why you get fucked around and used

Because you allow it

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12 Responses to 20 something

  1. tattoogirl says:

    I think we’re having the same physical/emotional reaction to the younger generation of females. Such a shame.

  2. dp@large says:

    There are good roles models for young people to follow. They are just not very fashionable. There in lies the problem. KIds want it NOW. It is a shame. Think ahead 30 years. Wow!

  3. dragonfly918 says:

    Omg lol hope this gal is 20 and not 40. But honestly, I was having a conversation with a coworker recently how it seems that young women these days seem so much less mature, and hopefully not that we were as stupid at the same age!

    • rougedmount says:

      unfortunately, she is acting like a spoiled 7 year old…and the horrible part is she is not ‘acting’. She truly believes in doing as little as possible and making mountains out of molehills. her apathy and self indulgent demands make me i.n.s.a.n.e. to listen to. Her younger sister is SO much more mature and reasonable while still being carefree and impulsive. The older sister seems almost proud of her lack of education and worse, her ignorance.

  4. Hey, I’m a 20-something! Ouch lol.

    • rougedmount says:

      YOU do not qualify for this classification..(at ALL..lol)..some people are just fucktards no matter their biological age – and she is one of them. She lives her life on facebook and social media and wants to prove how bad ass she is with her duck face selfies and tats that look drawn by a 4th grader. I swear to god if i hear ~i need a man~ to take care of me, one more time…i may have a seizure trying not to roll my eyes. If you write a list of how to do everything wrong, I am sure she can check it off. And she is 100% right…no matter who says what…I think she is so jealous of her sister she wants to win at failing.

      • Whew! Well, glad we cleared that up 😉

        Unfortunately I have done my best at checking all the boxes–education, marriage, family, hobbies–and I STILL do not have my shit even remotely together lol.

        But yeah I think you may be onto something with the “winning at failing.” I can relate in some regards. We sure can sabotage ourselves when we don’t think we’re capable of getting anything better.

      • rougedmount says:

        i think its the being proud of how crappy your life is that kills me the most…an absolute refusal to know anything relevant…don;t watch the news casue who wants to know that stuff..don’t know where Utah is cause who cares about that place anyway…why get a drivers licence when people can drive you places and then you can bitch about people not picking you up or being at your beck and call. I truly think she is jealous of her younger sister and so she tries to be as petulant and foolish as possible. Like you mentioned her self sabotage is EPIC.

  5. ContactRida says:

    very funny post!!! these Y-generation kids think they are the cat’s pajamas, all because they have social media. really? i totally agree about no middle ground with females today. they are either together or worthless nasty skanks. i soooooooooo don’t get it. que sera sera…

  6. hemmingplay says:

    No argument here. Spot on.

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