supermom working woman

there comes a point where “being tired” is no longer relevant

i am weary enough someone could write a country music song about it

my feet?

lol..oh feet are KILLING me

they are throbbing, aching and i am desperate to have them rubbed

the idea of taking my son to Hockey tonight, standing in the cold rink

makes my eyes tear up…

i can’t wait to watch his game, so there is no chance i am staying home

but i will pay for it! in radiating pain up my legs and into my hips

i am going to come home and go into the hot tub and boil myself tender

then i am going to bed

and sinking under 20 lbs of blankets and flannel

nestled  deep into fluffy pillows with my cat curled at my feet

yet i am smiling thinking about how happy my kids were

when they saw their individually made brownie cakes on the counter

along with the two huge pans of cooling shepherds pie

i was going to walk the dog down at the lake

but i chose to come online instead as its softer and involves no walking

plus tomorrow morning is a new day

i will drag my ass up and about and go to the lake and tire myself out

before i start mom duty with Doctor and Dental appointments for a child

time to pick up a tea and take it with me to the rink

and other than being completely body sore and mentally tired?

i am having an awesome hair day, so the world is okay

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8 Responses to supermom working woman

  1. dievca says:

    Good Luck for the game! Take a blanket to sit in the stands, cardboard to stand on. XO

  2. Kevin says:

    Take a boat cushion to seat on, wearing some cool looking bunny slippers (preferably in your son’s team colors) and rock it! Alas, nothing beats the hot tub at the end! That’s my worthless advice for today!

    • rougedmount says:

      ohh i would have killed for seats..but this arena had a few on the side and you can;t see if you sit there…so i stood.. through 2 games..since our tie meant the outcome of the next game would decide if we got in to the playoffs or not

  3. Sassy Sarah says:

    This made me smile from ear to ear!!

  4. tattoogirl says:

    I hear you. I’m so tired, I’m sitting on my couch waiting for the final seconds before I have to get into my car and pick up my daughter for the long weekend. It ain’t easy…

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