3 H club

Headache, heartache, hangover. I am suffering from an emotional hangover today. Headache feeling like a tight hat left on too long. I actually just considered putting on sunglasses inside the house. I slept badly, was up early and have decided that after 3 hours, this day sucks and I am going back to bed until I don’t feel like puking from the trauma caused to my brain simply by getting vertical, getting dressed and pretending to be pleasant. If you need me, I will be in my dark, cool bedroom under the covers, ignoring my heartache as well as everything and everyone that has pissed me off or hurt me.

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3 Responses to 3 H club

  1. larryarcher says:

    Hang in there things will hopefully get better.

  2. jayne says:

    I picture you in a shaded room, under the covers with the light of a phone or laptop shining through the fabric as you typed this. XO, J

  3. I hope things are better today, sometimes under the covers is the only place.

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