shit happens

You .  ruin .  everything .

You always ruin everything

It’s what you do

Why do I fucking forget?

You take out your valid frustrations on me

You unfairly insert me as the person who you are mad at

I get the brunt of what you can’t say to them

Fuck you, you stupid cock sucker

I don’t need your shit

I’ve never needed your shit

I fucking hate your shit

You are a piece of shit

Let’s hope you fucking die

Before you cash advance

All your insurance money

Hopefully, before your mother

So I can deny her from your funeral

Making sure that the bitch who ruined you

Never gets to know where you are buried

Because I’ll fucking toss you no where

Collateral dust people scrape off their feet

Like the piece of crap you are

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14 Responses to shit happens

  1. ItMatterstoGrey says:

    No really, how do you feel…

  2. Being 'Her' says:

    walk and count even if its to five million. Breathe…
    I feel your words. I know anger. I know what feeling the word livid means. I’m here to talk to if you need to. xoxox

  3. mckismeisreallyme says:

    breathe. many. many times. as being her has said, we know anger. and we have lived with livid. don’t get your blood pressure up over something you can’t control. no matter how much we want to. vent, vent here. vent to any of us. seriously.

    • rougedmount says:

      the blood pressure was up and over before i even registered that i had been pushed..and then i was pissed at that as well. this is why God invented vodka.

  4. jayne says:

    There’s a business where you can go and throw shit at walls. A place to hurl and break things, releasing anger and frustration. I did this once at home with dried clay molds someone ruined. To throw something and watch it blast into pieces – leaving cool marks on the cement wall was actually a great relief because I got to expel anger with a purpose and an end. If I need to do that again, I think I’ll try using eggs. xo, J

    • rougedmount says:

      okay…that would actually be funny…and don;t be surprised if i post a picture of smashed eggs at some point on here as it seems like an environmentally viable way to smash the crap out of something without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards

      • jayne says:

        Exactly – no damn clean up! That would defeat the purpose. I pitched it with everything I had like a pro. I felt the energy release quickly leave through my shoulders and I wasn’t angry that something I had worked on meticulously for a great purpose had been ruined by another. Get at least one flat. : )

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