inside my heart

There is a gap within my sight

I can not account for by reason

As I do not see the man you are

Rather my own precious, little child


Moments when I see your strength

Witness your character and sense of humor

I am struck anew with the sudden realization

That you are a man with responsibilities


And it always takes me by true surprise

At the dramatic change I see in you

The impressive shift from boy to man

That I never saw happen or develop


Within your face, I see my baby

Delicate, fragile and newly born

Placed forever against my heart

Until the day I draw my last breath


I will ask forgiveness of your partner

When I am caught with mothering you

As a grown and capable man

Asking for her patient indulgence


Against the time she does the same

If she is fortunate enough to hold a child

Inside of her arms and heart

And love him into adulthood

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4 Responses to inside my heart

  1. mel says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. mckismeisreallyme says:


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