dry hair, brittle lacking luster

knotted from restless sleep

dry eyes, unable to shed a tear

for myself or in compassion

dry lips, exposed and cracked by wind

un-kissed,  sealed tight against passion

dry skin, fragile and powdery

untouched, over sensitive, translucent

i am a tindered husk, ready to ignite



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3 Responses to tinder

  1. hemmingplay says:

    And now I can *feel* the details of misery. I *really* like how you did this, although it’s sad that you know, too well, what had to go into it. You’ve packed a lot of meaning into few words, and that ain’t easy. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. ContactRida says:

    i concur with hemmingplay. such vivid imagery. lovely post! i would say keep up the great work but i know where your material comes from, soooooooooo please do try not to write any murder mysteries;)

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