the verbal cuckold

Over the last few months I have been seriously looking at the sexual complexities of my marriage.

My husband is a verbal cuckold.

He is aroused, as much as he can be, by the idea of seeing a man with a big cock take me and make me cum for him. He imagines himself standing off to the side, watching me take it. Seeing how I would move for him; knowing I would fuck that big cock just as hard as he was fucking me and I would not just lay there and take it.

When you have sex with a man who has a small penis, as a woman you are severely limited in what can occur when it comes to penetrative sex; though if that man excels in foreplay and is creative in other ways to pleasure you, its not such a big deal, especially since 75- 80% of women cum from clitoral stimulation anyway.

BUT, when you are with a man who is not adept and refuses to learn, then you are left with a very limited sexual repertoire that becomes staid very quickly. It also leaves you very much sexually frustrated as your body craves the type of sex that is physically impossible to have with a partner who has a small penis.

As a woman who falls into the 20-25% who cum’s easily through penetration, and prefers it over clitoral stimulation only, a man with a small penis becomes exceptionally difficult to manage or to settle for as your main sexual partner.

The problem is not so much his lack of size, but his inability to do anything with what he ‘does’ have. It makes you resent him sexually because ‘he’ can still easily get off, while you are left in a state of constant aggravation, arousal and sexual irritation.

Sex becomes your personal battleground as opposed to the delightful playground that it should be.


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7 Responses to the verbal cuckold

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    As always, honest and well said. Even if I can’t fully relate… *puts tongue in cheek*

  2. And that’s why some women need to ‘borrow’ a man to clear that irritation. They don’t want the guy to stick around in between times, they just need his depth and fullness to exercise her ladyparts. The same goes for men who can’t find sexual clarity in their chosen mate. Sometimes they need to borrow a special lady of their own to get that sense of wholeness. – A

  3. Marty says:

    Interesting perspective. I’ll need to think about this.

  4. 2fightdog2 says:

    You know what you want and what you need. That is sexy.

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