Altruistic Offer

I am a Canadian Geisha of Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish heritage. I provide pleasant interaction, a distraction if you will, as a sophisticated, attractive and articulate woman. I offer full bodied softness and bring a nurturing nature to our interaction. I offer myself as a valued companion, a trusted confidant, a loyal friend with a sensual nature. I respect the complexities of your family life and your dedication to your work/life balance. I am the uncomplicated place you come to for comfort and understanding. I am uniquely suited to my role as mistress, as it is all I aspire to be.

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4 Responses to Altruistic Offer

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    I’m anticipating a response rate similar to getting Freshly Pressed. I’m also predicting, after you sift through the responses, that you will get freshly pressed. And notice I put that in lower case…

  2. Marty says:

    Best offer I’ve seen in a very long time

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