Unapproachable women

“Alpha” type women turn many men on… they challenge strong men and inspire the others to be her sexual minion…they are sexually commanding and forceful. The ONLY man an alpha type women is not attractive to is a man who is sexually insecure or abusive. They can not stand that she knows what she wants and that she knows how to get it. Many alpha type women can “seem” unapproachable simply because they do not suffer foolishness lightly. They have no time for it. For her, a man must be bold, be honest, be sincere and be challenging. This type of woman is completely different than an unapproachable one.

The unapproachable woman is a combination of many things that a man is aware of as her hair color. She is: vapid, vain, still, sour, obnoxious, rude, demeaning, condescending, stand off’ish, bitchy, ignorant, prissy. She projects her snarky attitude outwards, she refuses to smile, pretends indifference, feigns boredom, is incapable of living in the moment. She not only has baggage, she throws it at anyone who comes anywhere near her both proximally and metaphorically speaking.

I have had a few single girlfriends I used to spend time with. Past tense. When I would go out with them, I was approached constantly, was always dancing, had as much as I wanted to drink and then some. I had business cards given to me, offers to date or attend future concerts or events and time and again half of the single women, were approached by no one, didn’t dance and certainly did not meet anyone; they had nothing.

Why?Because they sat there, arms crossed, legs crossed and foot bobbing angrily, bitching and complaining to each other about: the music being too loud, the lighting being too dark, not getting their hair messy, it was too hot to dance, everyone was SO unattractive…omg!…I went to stand at the bar just to get away from them!

I would end up having the best time ever dancing and laughing, hair getting wet and curly and they thought that was ‘unfair’ since I was married and therefore taking away potential men from talking to THEM. Insert rolled eyes. I was not the tallest, thinnest, youngest…but I was the most fun and most confidant. So I have been invited out a lot less because some insecure and unapproachable women thought my lack of presence would result in men falling at their feet instead of mine. Wrong.

With some women, they eventually learn, most often with age, that spewing bullshit is not what men want. As they become more accepting of themselves, including our imperfections, and their needs, then it allows them to communicate in a more masculine, more direct fashion and THIS combined with fact they are women, turns a man on. This is the draw of an older woman to a younger man. If an older woman wants to get naked and simply fuck, they demand that it happen. Most men like that type of sexual authority, even if it’s just done on occasion.

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8 Responses to Unapproachable women

  1. hemmingplay says:

    “As they become more accepting of themselves, including our imperfections, and their needs, then it allows them to communicate in a more masculine, more direct fashion and THIS combined with fact they are women, turns a man on.”


    Does it ever. Some women think ‘being strong’ means being obnoxious and negative, and have such a low opinion of men that they think we’ll ignore that just for looks. In fact, all they are is… obnoxious. The strength that comes from a calm center in a woman is a beacon in the night, just as a confident man is a turn on for women.

  2. Pua Nani says:

    Just to offer another perspective, the flip side here is that being married (even though there are challenges in your marriage) provides you with something that the single women do not have, a level of security from which greater confidence can stem. You are not made vulnerable to the men in the bar by your need in the way that a single woman is. Of course that lack of vulnerability is attractive to men. And it is true that the vulnerabilities and insecurities that single women feel often turn off guys. Yet the reality is that it can be hard to conceal one’s true feelings.

  3. dragonfly918 says:

    I have had this exact same experience! I know a few women who are desperate to find a man and all they attract are losers. And they spend hours at the gym, hundreds of dollars at the salon, manicurist, etc., obsessing about everything they put in their mouths… And here I am, middle-aged, 40 pounds overweight, cut my own hair, and I’m having the time of my life.

    It is ALL about attitude and knowing what you want.

  4. larryarcher says:

    Great post, as a guy I can relate to this type of woman and agree that a less “hot” woman that is open and honest will get a lot more attention than a tight ass as you describe.

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