I slink along the shadows of a crumbling bricked and dirty wall

Pausing to jerk my head towards a sudden and unfamiliar sound

Feeling the solid weight and protection of mortar to one side

The other, complete exposure to a world of cruelties and uncertainty

Extremely alert in the way only fear can inspire you to be

Waiting for the potential ambush of a hostile attack

And the searing pain that comes of violent and sudden contact

I have become numb to anything but my own surging adrenaline


Carefully stepping over the unwanted waste of broken things

Discarded needles, wrecked syringes and smarmy used condoms

Near bags of garbage, carelessly tossed and left to putrefy in piles

Leaving a viscous black puddle of sweetly spreading rancid rot

Beneath a black bag with torn corners and slimy, spilling contents

I tread lightly from one end of the alleyway to the other

Stomach heaving from the sour, wet staleness surrounding me

Wafting up from the sewers overflowing with the sludge of excrement


Pervasive neglect hidden just behind a painted and worn façade

Selling the lie of perfection to the masses who want to believe it

Forcefully passive, ensuring they do not look beyond the grimy windows

To see what lay behind the cracked glass to beyond their own reflection

I am completely invisible to most, because they choose not to see me

Yet for those damaged few who search the gloom, I am a shining beacon

Another thing to be found and used to serve their purpose or need

Dispensable and valueless I am nothing more than a passing diversion


Your perversions have corrupted the potential of who I would have been

They have soiled my insides with viral decay and cellular destruction

My soul has wept with pustulant fervour and brutal evacuation of morality

Leaving a pathological crust of humanity across my countenance

Barely able to hold my bowels from spilling in a noxious coiled mass

Beneath the gaping wound of my viciously abused and spoilt orifices

Thin poisoned blood and fecal seepage smearing the trail of my ruination

As my feeble walk of shame leads me deeper into the abyss I was thrown into

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5 Responses to forsaken

  1. dragonfly918 says:

    Jesus. I need a drink now. Holy crap.

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