walk on

Don’t give people a second chance to hurt you

Because life lessons prove they always will

Don’t offer yourself up a second time

If originally rejected and set aside

You don’t need to be the alternate choice

When they can’t get what they really want

Do not settle or accept, not to anyone

For any reason or excuse

Lessons stacked like cordwood

Protection against a harsh winter

Of discontent and certainties

Don’t go cold, when you have fuel to burn

Use it freely yourself, as a reminder

That you can take care of all you have to

You want a partner to share a life with

You don’t need a parent or a child like relationship

You certainly don’t need to be used

Treated as someone expendable or temporary

You’re lonely, but not desperate

The only way to move on from where you are at

Is to keep walking away from where you are

Once you make the choice

To value who you are and what you want

Is to simply remember who you were

And you are stronger than you think

Or give yourself credit for

Even when you feel like you are falling apart

You just keep picking up the piece’s of yourself

That keep getting shredded off your soul

By people who you never should have trusted

To support and love you in the first place

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10 Responses to walk on

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    “…lessons stacked like cordwood; protection against a harsh winter…”

    Absolutely love that 😉

  2. alm383 says:

    Reblogged this on alm383 and commented:
    المؤمن لايلدغ من جحر مرتين

  3. dragonfly918 says:

    You’re pulling shit out of my head again… 😉

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