Impressions of Attraction

When you are held responsible for the care and nurturing of animals, you come to trust their instincts about people. They sense things immediately, so even if we can’t see something, they pick up on it easily as a form of language. It’s impossible to lie to an animal about who and what you are and so I have come to trust their impressions instantly.

I believe that we are designed to pair up with others for companionship, relationships and sometimes sexual pairings. We just seem to gravitate towards people with whom we like and share interests with. We have all formed instant friendships that have cemented without the benefit of knowing each other over time. Sometimes, things just work between people and we trust it without looking to define it.

We all search for a life partner as we attend to the daily functions of living a productive life. Some are driven by the need to become one half of a couple while others find they are in no real rush, trusting that it will happen when it was supposed to. When you enjoy the comfort and wealth of having raised a family from a stable and secure position, it grounds you. As much as you are aware of how quickly time passes, you also know the beauty of being in the moment and accepting that there is a plan for your life. It’s just a matter of timing.

People with traditional values, morals and bearings attract me as no other combination of behaviour and personality types can. I do not consider devoted loyalty, hard working, passionate and dominant, to be old fashioned ideas. Personally, I find it very attractive when people embrace their gender roles, which they define for themselves, and build a life around them, unafraid to express to the world who they really are without artifice or pretense. People who unafraid to be themselves and act accordingly.

When you have animals you have a responsibility to care for them. This imperative does not change when the weather is foul. If anything it becomes more important that their needs are attended to because they have no one else to turn to. When most people huddle against the cold and blustery weather, people with animals go outside. They tend to them with fresh food and water and are given blankets or have been built shelters that need to be checked against damage, to ensure the creatures under your care are safe and sheltered from the elements.

This isn’t a chore brought about by responsibility. It is a simple matter of friendship. When you have something under your protection and care, their needs come before your own, whenever possible and without conscious thought. They depend on you to feed them, tend to their injuries and to make their life have meaning and usefulness. You may call upon them to service a need you have, but it is a symbiotic relationship built from a foundation of love, trust and respect; not an expectation of service through duty.

I believe the same analogy is true for relationships between people. I want to have male protection against the hardships of the world. I want him to honour me for the comforts I bring into his life. I need his reassurance in the safety of his strong arms. I do not need him to treat me as if I am not capable or strong in my own right. I want him to be aware of my limits and ensure I never need to test them while risking my emotional or physical limits because that is what his role is. I do not expect to be given his love simply by virtue of my being present; I believe I earn it every day that I share a life of value with him as a partner.

My attraction towards successful and experienced men is because it reflects who I have developed into as well. I am not adverse to hard work as it’s made me who I am, yet this stage of my life I enjoy basic, creature comforts; like a soft mattress and a warm duvet, well loved books and the crackle of a wood fire. I want to lie in the darkness of pre-morning and be reached for and touched. I want to be acknowledged before you rise to attend to your duties. I want my softness and smile to be what you carry with you into a hard, cold world, so you know what you have waiting for you once you return.

My character is as robust as my form with lovely peaks and valleys, gentle swells and surging summits. I have depth of personality and wisdom that has been earned. I am not the tart new grass of spring but the life sustaining harvest of hay that will ensure sustainability through the darkest days of winter’s chill. My character comes from a lifetime of being tested often and without support or protection, so that I have both depth and vulnerability. My beauty is more than the skin deep visage that changes with time and sorrows, it comes from the past I carry inside of me, beside the hope that one day I find someone who values me at least as much as I do myself.

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6 Responses to Impressions of Attraction

  1. mckismeisreallyme says:

    I have no other words than to say I can only aspire to write and express as you do. Thank you for having us along for the ride.

  2. This is beautiful and inspiring. I’ve been having a rough start to today, and this has helped put me back into proper focus. Thank you.

  3. daytightliving says:

    This was so lovely to read — because I have found this man, and so I have found this experience, and it is blissful when we can be together. Torturous when we can’t, but we remind each other almost daily that we have more than most people do, even though our opportunities to be together aren’t plentiful.

    My partner is borderline paternal. I never thought I would be the type to feel I “needed” a man, but I have to say, it’s so comforting and freeing to not have to be the man AND the woman. He frees me up to just be the woman. I loooooooooooooove that. I’ve never had it before.

    I want this for you. All I can say is that they are out there and you will find one. I just have a feeling.

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