squeeze you to death

I will always need two animals to divide my attention between due to my excessive need to snuggle hug and squeeze them while smooshing their little faces with kisses, as it ensure’s the little creature has a chance to get away and breathe while I am distracted by the cuteness of the other.

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5 Responses to squeeze you to death

  1. eldinsmille says:

    What kind of animals do you have?

  2. daytightliving says:

    I got a new dog a couple of weeks ago – a small adult Chi – and my son and I are having a very hard time not squeezing the life out of her because she’s just so dang cute, LOL!

    He balls his little fists up and says “AARRGGGHH-OMG-SOCUTE-CANNOTSTANDIT-MUST.NOT.SQUEEZE!!”

    She is the most precious tiny preciousness of all the tiny preciousness, and we love her to bits. If I had two, I would probably combust from cute overload.

    • rougedmount says:

      thanks..everyone just looked at me since i cracked out laughing. because i said what he said in a fast as you can say it, baby voice inside of my head. little dogs bring a special kind of joy and i have no idea what it is that makes me so foolish but i admit it and wear it with pride. Congrats on your furry monster of preciousness ( remember to buy coats and doggie boots at the end of the season because you have to be one of ‘those people’ as my kids refer to us )

      • daytightliving says:

        Yes! This is EXACTLY what I have been thinking to myself as I am rifling through the racks, looking for size Small … “I am one of THOSE PEOPLE now.” lol.

        I do draw the line at super goofy stuff. I’m trying to stay away from pink and I won’t put dresses on her, lol. But she shivers so, so she has to have some duds and a nice coat. She doesn’t seem bothered by wearing them.

        SO and I went to Petsmart on Saturday night and he just kind of looked askance at me as I pawed through the racks. Hehehehe.

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