Canadian’s wear fur

Of course I have a fur coat and yes, I wear it! I am Canadian … I hunted it, trapped it, cleaned it, cooked the meat, cured the skin and sewed it myself (okay maybe not this time but it could have happened because I know how to) …the animal lived its life, had babies and grand babies, lived and was loved and then had one bad moment, in a perfectly lovely day and in the way of my people, I offered a prayer to it’s spirit thanking it for the gift of both food and warmth it gave for my me and my family and promised in turn to teach my children and grandchildren the ways of respecting it’s successive generations, as caregivers to its animals spirits and the mother earth itself.  Renewable, respectful, resource management. I am not now nor have I ever been, a vegetarian or Buddhist who does not eat meat or shuns wearing leather and furs … it’s all about respecting and understanding your place in how you use what God has given us dominion over.

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3 Responses to Canadian’s wear fur

  1. eriklehman says:

    Well said, and I completely agree.

  2. Well I bet it looks fabulous on you.

  3. marcus says:

    beautiful…yes…howling at the fucking moon.

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