story: behind the door (part 2)

It was only the sudden change of temperature, of the cool fall air touching my wet skin that made me aware he had changed positions. I no sooner made the connection than I felt the pressing of his engorged cock at the entrance to my sweet pussy as both his hands grabbed handfuls of my wide hips so he could use them to pull me back upon his thick cock, as he impaled me onto his turgid flesh.

Sweet Jesus, the pressure! Gasping and mewling I cried out wordlessly trying to mentally adjust to the feel of such a large cock trying to enter me. I could feel him slowly rocking forwards and back, easing his massive size inside of the tight confines of my body, demanding my body adjust to accommodate him. I tried to relax myself, knowing my tenseness was not assisting the ease of his penetration, but it was as impossible, as it was delicious. I had no idea this is what a hot, heavy cock could feel like and it was all i could do to just bite my lip and try to adjust to him.

I had never been so full in my life. I had never had my lovely pussy stretched so far to accommodate any man inside of my body and I loved it. This was the missing thing I had needed and had never fully known was possible. The hot heat of his thick flesh was perfection. It was in that exact moment I knew why my husband had arranged this for me and sent me to this place. He was allowing me to have a sexual experience I never would have with him because of his tiny penis size and complete lack of desire.

I groaned out my extreme pleasure as I felt him changing tempo; his speed and depth of penetration corresponding with my body’s ability to take him inside and lubricate his shaft for both his comfort and mine. I had not even had the opportunity to look at his cock, because of the speed at which he confined me and forced me to my stomach, but I knew he must have been huge based on what I had felt against my back and what was now forcing me into complete sexual submission.

Would my husband be able to handle this? I know he was the one who arranged it, but would he be able to look at me the same way after this, knowing I had basked in the glorious position and of having another man pumping his seed inside of my woman’s sacred vessel; knowing that he purposefully gave away access to his exclusive territory? I was being fucked by a massive cock that was reaching places my husband would never be able to and I loved it.

Oh God, I wanted this, needed this so much. I started to fuck back against his thick shaft, rocking back to meet his thrusts. All I could think about was having his cum pooling at the entrance to my freshly ploughed pussy. His cock was so big it would be impossible for the sperm to stay inside of me at the same time as his erection. I imagined loads and loads of delicious spunk pouring from me in thick and creamy rivulets, freshly delivered into my swollen vulva by this amorous stranger.

I could feel how powerful he was, yet how very controlled. I could feel his impossibly large testicles as they swung against my ass and thighs with his every forward thrust into my body with his huge erection, knowing that he was still not fully sheathed inside of me. Sexually dominant with confidant mannerisms, this man was taking what he considered his, by virtue of his sexual superiority. I had no power or control and it was everything I never knew I needed.

I couldn’t help but think about my husband at that moment and wonder if he was home alone, craving the sight of this massive erect cock glistening with my pussy juices as much as I was enjoying the reality of being fucked by this bull of a man. Would he want me to whisper to him about how it felt while he was attempting to have sex with me with his little penis when laying in our marital bed? I would never be able to describe this feeling to him. I was becoming mindless from the effort needed to just focus on my body’s accepting this enormous cock size.

The force of his thrusting had pulled my body up so I was on my hands and knees, but with the sensations I was experiencing, I had lost the ability to balance myself and so my breast were once again on the bed, as I fell forward in an erotic downward dog yoga pose, my head to one side, my arms stretched out in front of me. The soft cotton t-shirt I was wearing had been pushed forward, lying rumpled up high on my back and chest, being held in place by my arms. The sound of the bed being pounded as he thrust into my willing body was a distant drumming, due to the passionate noises of rasping breath and slapping skin I was hearing directly from the bed instead.

As I took his cock deeper, I could feel my pussy elongating as he kept pressing against my cervix, my concentration was absolute and fixated. I could feel the heat inside of me increase as perspiration began to form over my ass, along the sweep of my back and between my breasts. I could feel the dampness building in my hairline and forehead. I rubbed my face into the clean smelling sheets and turned my head to the other side, attempting to alleviate the strain on my neck.

When I opened my eyes, that’s when I saw my husband.

This wicked seduction, this demanding forceful taking of my body was happening with the full knowledge and accompaniment of my partner. He was watching this muscular naked man as he violently seduced my body by virtue of his far superior cock and physical form. He was taking me as thoroughly as I could be taken and my husband was sitting there, against the wall in an overstuffed chair, watching it happen. I don’t think I had ever been so aroused in my life.

In that moment of realization, something changed inside of me. I felt a wave of passion and freedom carry me to and over an orgasm that had the power to rent my body in two, as I lost myself in my husbands eyes, and the man behind me rode my clenching cunt until I cried from the overwhelming sensations of pleasure and pain that his massive cock was creating inside of my body and the psychological mind fuck that happened watching my husband watch me, as another man made me cum. I was giving myself willingly to a stranger, suddenly desperate to be filled with his potent spunk, the thick life giving elixir that my own husband had denied me for so long.

Without self-conscious thought or manner I became responsible for my own pleasure with the breaking shivers of the orgasm that sent rippling nuances over my body. Let him watch me, I thought. Let him see how naturally, how viscerally I can release myself into another man’s care, a complete stranger. I no longer cared about societal rules or obligations. I wasn’t thinking about marital vows of monogamy. I wasn’t even thinking about my husband, who sat fully clothed in the shadows of the room, watching me get fucked by this stranger. The only thing I had room for in my mind, was the delicious erection, the piston thrusting of the well endowed man fucking me.


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5 Responses to story: behind the door (part 2)

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  2. larryarcher says:

    Great story, I loved the descriptions and progression of your seduction by the stranger as he cuckolds your husband. I see author in your future.

  3. play613796 says:

    What a fascinating article. So complete and descriptive! I wonder how many women have ever fantasized about such a scenario?

  4. aaroncauser says:

    You create three very dynamic relationships here; if you are not published, you should be.

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