Story: behind the door (part 1)

The long, narrow hallway must have had 12-14 foot high ceilings as it extended far over the door casements, losing definition in the height and dimness of the corridor. There were intricate crown mouldings far above my head; peeling large flaky patches of beige paint exposing various layers of color underneath the most aged most recent addition.

I was momentarily left blinded, as it took a moment for my eyes to adjust, coming in from the bright sunshine of late afternoon into the darkened building. It was dark in the way of twilight, with the only filtered light seeping around my body from the shaded porch behind me and the dirty window at the far end of the hall and that was diffused by the tattered and threadbare, ill fitting grey curtains.

With the bang of the door suddenly closing behind me, I lost what little light that offered and was startled enough to take another step forward into the depths of the hallway, eyes scanning side to side, from door to door, looking for indication of the room I was searching for. I walked slowly, looking between floor and walls, afraid to mis-step onto a broken floorboard I couldn’t see or into something unsavoury.


My impression of the hallway was that it held the decay of long neglect. Wide planked hardwood floors, gritted with dust and grime interspersed with leaves and the odd piece of paper garbage that must have blown in with an opened door. Papered walls with dog eared peeling corners and splitting seams covered in a thin layer of dust with the smear of soot, higher up the walls.

At some point there must have been a fire in the building, leaving its mark behind in this hallway, though it must have been so long ago you could no longer smell the smoke. Now there was simply an unpleasant combination of staleness, decay and urine.

Occasionally, the straight line of chair rail over wainscoting, was broken as if someone had tried to pry the board loose; a few panels were broken as if by the blunt force of a powerful kick aimed at the wall. The amount of undisturbed mouse droppings near a few of the lower holes let me know this wasn’t a place many people frequented.

I was nearing the middle of the protracted hall, when the width of a shadow of a recessed doorway, caught my eye as an anomaly. Unlike the previous doors, this one was unlatched though still completely closed. My eyes quickly skimmed the sides and bottom of the frame, coming to rest time and again on the glass handle of the antique door. Looking both up and down the hallway, I reached toward the knob, swallowing hard against the pit of fear that had tightened in my stomach.

Slowly, I eased the door open, leaning slightly to the left, as if I could peer around it and into the room. My first impression was that it was lighter inside than in the hallway and as I opened it further, I was left standing in a thin and watery rectangle of light, leaving my shadow to stretch behind me and up the wall in an elongated caricature representing my diminutive height.

The room was large and deep and no less neglected than the hallway. There was an enormous bay window to the left, giving the room its only source of light, though I could see the outside of the old paned glass was covered in a thick layer of bare vines, preventing much of the light from entry into the room. It left a patterned display of light, dappled on the floorboards stretching towards the center of the room.

There was an enormous black cast iron bed, intricate with what appeared to be Celtic scroll work combined with vines and leaves. The headboard stretched half way up the wall it was centered on. My eyes widened in surprise when I saw thick lilac colored duvet thrown carelessly over a thick mattress, spilling carelessly to one side and onto the floor and what looked like dark mauve sheets.

I swallowed hard, awareness flooding through me as I stood immobile, staring at the bed heart pounding in my chest when I realized that “this was it”. This was where I was supposed to be. My mouth went dry as I slowly approached the bed, reaching out to touch the material of the covers as I walked towards the headboard, dragging my finger tips along the soft bulk of material.

His muscular arm came around my neck before I felt my body press against his hard chest, slamming me into him with enough force to take my breath away. His other arm encircled my waist pulling me tight against his body in full contact. I screamed out in fear, trying to kick out and away from him; both hands scratching, fingers grasping and slapping at his forearm trying to pry it away from my throat.

He was tall and muscular. He picked up my thrashing form easily by the waist, as if my weight and struggles meant nothing. I was suddenly aware with a sharp in drawn breath that he was completely naked and it made me cease all movement. I felt him from my buttocks to up against the center of my back. Not just his body but what could only have been his impossibly large endowment.

He moved a step forward, sliding his arm quickly back across my neck as he bent me forward and onto the bed; his hand grasping the back on my neck and pressing my upper body down into the soft coolness of exposed sheets as his other arm held onto my waist, keeping my ass high into the air.

Exposed and vulnerable I was painfully aware that beside my arms and legs, I couldn’t actually move; as hard as I tried, he had me pinned in perfect supplication. I heard his low feral chuckle as I struggled beneath his much larger form. I felt him slide down my body, his arm leaving my neck to feel his large hand push down in the center of my back, the other arm still under my hips, holding my ass high in the air.

I felt his face rubbing back and forth across my lower back, using his chin and nose to trace contours. I felt when his face reached my ass feeling him rub the fullness of my cheeks with his own. I realized that my struggling movements were obscenely rubbing my buttocks back against his visage and so I froze, swallowing my muffled cries, trying to come to terms with what he was doing.

He felt my response change and reacted to the lack of struggling; he slid his hand down my spine as the other arm snaked from beneath me to grasped my jean covered hips and pulled my plump arse back onto his face. I felt him push my cheeks together to pull them back apart, rolling and massaging the rounded orbs beneath his wide palms and clenching fingers.

The heat from his breath was hot on my ass. Even through the material of my pants I could feel the damp heat of it seek inside of me, warming me and my body started responding to his ministrations. I was enjoying what he was doing!

The realization brought a cry from my mouth and I surged upright to my knees, unsteady on the wide bed, and he instantly responded by grasping me around the high waist so we were pressed against each other again. My head barely reached his mid chest, his long, hard thighs pressed solidly against the back of my own.

With his free hand he reached around my twisting torso as I cried out for him to stop, my hands ineffectively beating against the solid muscle mass of his arm, begging him to let me go and with a sickening realization, I felt the cool air on my hips as he unbuttoned my jeans and with a jolting movement, tugged them down to my knees in an instant, as he lifted me with the arm encircling my body.

I cried out in surprise as he deftly pushed my face back to the mattress, his hand pinning me against the back of my neck as he had first done; only this time, my bare ass was now exposed to both his eyes and touch. I felt my face burning with the shame of knowing I couldn’t stop it while being consciously aware of how aroused I was because of it.

This time as his face traced my spine, I could feel the coarseness of the stubble on his chin and cheeks, I could feel the wet trail of a tongue licking my skin after kissing it, leaving raised gooseflesh in its wake. I realized I was whimpering; fear, arousal, need all combining inside of me, making my body respond to his ministrations involuntarily.

When I felt his tongue lave the cleft of my ass, methodically and deliciously exploring the crease with fevered intensity, I was jolted by a firebrand of electricity that sent me surging forward on a wave of intense pleasure. I grasped the sheets with the sudden need to balance myself, to try and gain control of my riotous sexual needs. I could feel the arousal swell my secret folds and I could feel the sticky slickness spread from between my thighs knowing he would see the shining evidence of my body’s betrayal to his demanding mouth and hands.

I felt the deep hum spread instantly upwards ,with his moan of approval against my sensitive bare flesh, as it sent shivers of seismic shock from my ass directly to my clitoris and I was painfully aware of my aching nipples pressing hard against the soft bedclothes. I started to tremble with desire, my breath catching as I bit my lower lip in an attempt to control my breathing.

I was spread obscenely before an unknown man, like a supplicant at an altar, being feasted upon by a hungry mouth and I wanted it. I was aroused to a fever pitch and the longer he pinned me there, the more I wanted it to be happening. I was at the complete mercy of his mouth, unable to resist him even if I had wanted to and I was painfully aware that was no longer the case.

Nothing mattered now except that my body was screaming for more and the need for sexual satiation was the only thing that mattered to me. My legs were trapped inside the confines of jeans that had been ripped from me; my chest was pinned to a strange bed by the massive hand of a man whose face I had not even seen and he was buried in my ass, licking me into a frenzied state of submission, that I had no idea of knowing could be so arousing.

I wanted this. I wanted what he was doing. I didn’t care that it was wrong and he was taking something he had no right to or permission for. His firm yet gentle roughness held in check just enough to prevent me from escaping what he wanted to do to  me made my body and mind respond to his touch, the way his words would never have been able to make me do.

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4 Responses to Story: behind the door (part 1)

  1. Speechless. So well written and damn sexy. Hungry for part 2!

  2. qqquietone says:

    You, my dear, are simply “on fire” today.

  3. Wonderfully hot write…

  4. aaroncauser says:

    Very, very sexy.

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