sleeping cat

My cat is curled upon herself

Ears perked against the chance

She finds herself being attacked

Surreptitiously, as she sleeps


She lay upon the deeply padded bed

Atop comforter, duvets and flannel sheets

Sunken deep in the heated hollow vale

In the cool, dark quiet of my room


The rise and fall of even breaths

Watching her quietly sleeping

Brings me gentle contentment

By both proxy and proximity

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4 Responses to sleeping cat

  1. After my heart. If our cats met they would probably hate each other but aren’t they delightful and full of individual flavour….

  2. dievca says:

    My girl is geriatric (19), but she brings such peace when I need it. People always say that if they are coming back as a cat – they are coming back as my cat. XO

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