Paris: Prose in Pictures

I stood at the summit of the Eiffel Tower


Looking out over all of Paris in the spring

Through the thin safety of cold steel mesh


Listening to the sound of my silent voice

Express how the journey to reclaim myself

Was more than seeking out new Geography


Dressed in fleecy layers, I was warm enough

Dry from the addition of a short trench coat

Feeling the bite of damp wind sting my cheeks

My long hair secured beneath my black beret


I felt very much like the tourist I was

In a city I had dreamed about since youth


I walked her streets and touched her polished walls

Hands skimming over marble stones and ancient brick


Wondering who else may have stopped here

To ponder my life while looking at the murky Seine


As the waterway  began to quicken with traffic

And pedestrian traffic surged over distant bridges


I wandered aimlessly down twisting roads

Darkened arching alley ways leading to main streets


And to yet another palatial garden or historic building


People stop to enjoy conversation with each other

Sitting in a sidewalk cafe to enjoy an espresso or Creme Brule


Or simply browse in an open market filled with gastronomic delights


Artists sketching in chalk or working in pen, acrylic and oils


Infinite number of cameras being carried and used

Capturing images taken a thousand times before


But never by that individual in that moment

And by its newness and novelty,  is its worth

As a personal experience of a lifetime

Paris in spring, is the magical place you imagined

Filled with the scent of new blossoms on old tree growth


Of soaring architecture and impressive statuary


Its Pariesienne stamp is priceless in your passport

As are your memories of the Rue de Mouffetard and Champs Elyeese


Or circling the draped form of Venus de Milo

3341 3339

When I travel, my camera is my companion in the experience
Every image is a chapter in the story of my journey
Each moment, a memory to be drawn upon later
Written about and shared in the poetry of words
Using pictures not as an art form but a shorthand
As a writer who sees prose in the reflection of the images

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12 Responses to Paris: Prose in Pictures

  1. Just added Paris to my list of places I must see ❤
    Great imagery with your words and great pictures

  2. theotherwoman97 says:

    Fabulous post!!

  3. Beautiful write and pictures…

  4. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    Beautiful post. ♡

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