time and distance

… may every step of your journey get lighter, the farther away you walk from your days filled with sadness and despair. time does not heal, it just changes our perspective with distance, so we can see things as they were, more clearly. the farther away we go, the easier it gets to look back, without wishing things were different.

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5 Responses to time and distance

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    I was recently on a bad MVA where a teenager died. The paramedic and I both knew the father. As we were talking about how bad we felt for him, the paramedic said: “You don’t ever get over something like this; you get through it.” I’ll always remember that.

    • rougedmount says:

      i can not even imagine that situation…my brain completely shuts down if it starts to go down that path. i don’t know how a parent could mentally survive the loss of a child. just in writing that, i feel a surge of panic swell so fast and so brutal that it threatens to destroy me..instant thick tears form as nausea sweeps me. i don’t know how you do what you do when you see what you do. being in the presence of that level of emotional pain would immobilize me and render me useless. i can’t separate myself.
      i am one of those people who run towards accidents…my background enables me to give some basic first response medical attention until the appropriate responders arrive and can take over. I am fine during the crisis and then proceed to shake, sweat and 9/10 times i end up barfing once everyone is safe and sound in someone else’s care. Except if it comes to a child…then I am senseless and i am useless..i can not think let alone act.

      • Ned's Blog says:

        I think that’s why this one was especially hard — because someone’s child was involved. And I knew them. AND it was probably preventable. I suppose it’s the adrenaline and desire to help people that carries you through in these situations. It’s usually later, when talking with my wife about it, that the levity sinks in and the sadness hits. As writers, I think people like us tend to see things from many more perspectives then those who aren’t. A blessing and in curse.

  2. willowdot21 says:

    We love we loose we grieve but we have to move on ……………

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