NFL Playoffs on TSN

Heavy grunting and panting

Rough masculine voices

Harshly barking at each other

The smack of bodies

As they heave and struggle

Thick testosterone permeates

Pouring from sweating bodies

As steam rising from bare skin


Tight pants stretched tautly

Over high, firm buttocks

And thick powerfully built thighs

Tapering to hard muscular calves

Bulging jocks conspicuous in their position

Protecting the swelling mounds of flesh

At the juncture of his pillared thighs

Drawing my eyes and imagination


Away from impossibly wide shoulders

Deliciously massive chests and biceps

To a classically narrowed brawny waist

Of the commanding masculine body

And a superior male athletic animal

At the apex of his physical dominance

Over the majority of the populace

As a professional NFL football player


A woman watches the season playoff’s

With a decidedly different point of view


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3 Responses to NFL Playoffs on TSN

  1. theotherwoman97 says:

    *grinning* Yep.

  2. ContactRida says:

    well when you put it that way…lol:)

  3. abichica says:

    uumm.. I’m thinking it’s time I start watching football… *fanning self* 🙂

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