instant awareness

You were a memory inside of my DNA
I have known you in all my past energies
And will reconnect with you in the future
I believe myself to be an occasional empath
Someone who is aware of connections
Threading their way through time
When I saw you the first time, I was slammed
It’s the only word I can think of
That accurately describes how I felt
It’s like standing close in front of an open doorway
And having someone unseen slam it as hard as possible
You can feel the percussion of it go through you
The rush of air and vibration surging past you
You have not been touched and yet every cell in your body
Feels blown up and instantaneously deflated
Hyper awareness and instant un-recalled memories
Searching every facet of face and form
Checking off and seeing magnetized detail
Imprinting on the new reality of who you now see
Against the memory of who you feel you already know
The weight of their importance in your life
Can not be denied or explained by rational thought
Acceptance of them is not a choice but a reality
It’s impossible to explain coherently to someone
Unless they too have experienced a similar horizon event

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2 Responses to instant awareness

  1. jayne says:

    It’s more than interesting how this just IS. My instant knowledge felt like an instant old memory – already a “given” – done. Thanks for visiting, Jayne

  2. alliewestern says:

    “Acceptance of them is not a choice but a reality.” Never a truer word spoken.

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