naked and alone ( part 4)

At first, I was on my knees. Then I was subjected to a face fuck. Finally I was against the wall.

When I woke up, the first thing I was aware of was how heavy my limbs felt and how soft the mattress was underneath me. I felt deliciously warm satiated. I could feel the sun on my face, even through my closed eyes as much as I was aware of the presence of light in the room. As I turned my head, shifting to my side, my body was wracked with the stiff soreness of badly used muscles.

In a flash, everything came back to me and the awareness of what had happened last night, swept over me. Every ache brought a new memory coursing through my body. I became conscious of my lethargic body and started to inventory my various aches and pains. I lifted my arm and traced my swollen lips with a fingertip; dragging it over my mouth and chin, down my throat and across a collar bone.

A deep sigh left me as shivers effervesced over my naked flesh. Oh my God. The things he did to me! I could feel the heat of a blush as it crept over the heated flesh of my chest, as my hand made its way from my shoulder to the soft mounds of my full breasts.

My jaw ached and my throat was raw. With even the slightest of movements, I could feel the lightly abraded skin of my lower back, protest, caused from the hard friction against the brick wall he had pinned me against. A few fingers lightly traced down over my extended nipple, as I relived some of the things he had done to me; things I begged for and taunted him to do.

I was naked.

My eyes flew open and I quickly took in my surroundings, for the first time fully aware that I was naked and had no idea where I was or whose bed I was in. I had no idea how I had gotten here or how long ago. The last thing I remembered was … OH! Oh, my… the last thing I remembered were my arms being pinned over my head and being forced to cum over and over again until I apparently, must have, passed out. The last real memory I had was his battle cry of release as he came inside of me in a torrential expulsion of semen.

I was in the middle of a very large bed set on top of a raised platform, modern; a crisp white duvet over white sheets that were impossibly soft. The late morning sunshine was pouring in through the floor to ceiling windows that took up an entire wall of the very masculine bedroom. Dark sleek wood of a long dresser. Enormous chrome edged mirror. Black and white prints of stone structures. Bridges? Arches? It was hard to tell from this distance.

The far wall held three doors and it made me think of Alice in Wonderland for some strange reason, despite the fact that all were the same size. I cautiously made my way to the edge of the bed. My muscles protested every single movement. My long dark hair fell forward hiding my breasts as I leaned forward to step onto the deep softness of a grey area rug that covered a small section of the most beautiful marble floors I had seen.

I reached up to tuck a strand behind my ear as I made my way across the wide expanse of floor towards the middle door. Between my thighs was sticky with his seed and my own juices. I was so sore there, in my most private of places. I felt a wave of mortification surge over me realizing not just everything I had done last night, but the fact I was naked in a strangers house. I felt vulnerable.

As I opened the door, my jaw dropped when I saw what appeared to be the largest closet I had ever seen. Technically, it was another room, complete with a chaise lounger and a center cabinet with a granite counter top. There were a few magazines tossed on top, a pair of shiny leather gloves and a few intricate knotted wooden bowls of various sizes.

The lights were recessed and turned on when I opened the door; one wall was lined in double rows with suits and shirts. Another held smoked glass fronted, dark wood cabinetry and shelves with sweaters and shirts all folded and organized. There were shoes of every style set into deep open and reclined drawers, with bags and satchels on the higher shelves.

As much as I wanted to go in and explore, I stepped back into the bedroom, closing the door as I went. I walked over to the next door and opened it. YES! The bathroom. Oh my God! The bathroom? I stepped inside what appeared to be a small Roman bath house complete with two marble plunge pools that looked to be about 10×14.

There was a doorway to the left and as my bare feet slapped against the marble floor, I found it was the water closet, complete with a bidet and took advantage of the facilities, marveling at the opulence as I gave my bladder relief. I had no idea where I was but it was obvious the person who lived here, had not just money, but incredible taste as well.

There was a raised marble massage table to one side, another smoked glass front door which from the scent of it, seemed to hold a cedar wood sauna behind it. There were lots of large tropical plants and trees near the far side, where once again, floor to ceiling windows gave way to a bright expanse of daylight and blue sky.

As I got closer to the window I realized that I must be in a house. I stood in front of the glass, placing a hand on it and gazed out at the view. A large lawn, endless trees and then a manicured and symmetrical English looking garden came into view. There was a white graveled winding road to the right that had what looked like a lake to its opposite side.

As my eyes traced the horizon and made its way back, I could see that the house extended to my left and if that portion was any indication, this residence was huge. Once again, I wondered where I was. Even though I had no idea, as of yet, I was not panicked. I had more pressing concerns.

Turned away from the windows and moved towards the left and into a slightly walled area, where there were wide marble benches and built in stone recliners. On the wall were several chrome faucet controls. I tentatively moved first one and then another and discovered they started the ceiling and wall water jets of an enormous shower. A waterfall started that cascaded over the one stone chair, leaving billows of fragrant steam wafting around me.

Eucalyptus. I could smell Eucalyptus and realized that several of the planters in this area held that aromatic herb and the heat and steam made the scent far more noticeable. I made my way to the chair and lay on the now heated stone and allowed the water to sluice over my bruised muscles and sensitive skin. I relaxed into the battering water and let it soothe me and cleanse me; washing away the evidence of my absolute debauchery and abandon from last night; easing the hard tension from my well used body.

I closed my eyes and brushed my wet hair back from my face, running my hands down over my slick body, parting my legs to give me access to rinse my thighs and woman’s mound; then my delicate folds. The contact brought a harsh gasp from my mouth. Hurting my throat in the process. It made me think of when he was inside of me. Of how hard he was. His cock had been as hard as the marble that I was now laying on.

He must have brought me here. After slumping unconscious in his arms, completely spent from the physical and rough sexual encounter we had shared, he must have brought me to this place and put me into that glorious bed. His obvious care of me when I was unaware, gave me a small measure of comfort considering that for all intent and purpose I was completely at a strangers mercy.

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11 Responses to naked and alone ( part 4)

  1. JMC813 says:

    So compelling. Can’t wait to see where this leads.

  2. Pua Nani says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for taking us with you into this magical dreamscape

  3. theotherwoman97 says:

    I love your storytelling; his wife is trying her hand at erotic fiction, and her writing pre-editing is awkward and lacks depth; her blog reflects this. Your writing is exquisite, your story draws the reader in, leaves us wondering what is coming next, wanting to read more! Thanks for sharing!

  4. A change in style from the first 3 parts, which were relentless and hard-charging. But the change in style fits this morning after scene, with the soreness and confusion. Her not knowing where she is deepens the mystery of the story. Makes me wonder where she and Mr. Horse were for their last night’s activities. Your attention to detail in describing the house made me curious if you’ve thought about the story behind this, or maybe written some of it. In one of your comments, you mentioned that you’ll someday do the book thing. You could certainly go there with this story. Thanks for publishing these story parts on your blog. You gave us readers a very hot read.

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