mired in memories

I think back to that moment he kissed me and studied my features. I wonder what it meant to him; if he was memorizing me because he knew our time together was limited. How he made me feel was as real as it was fabricated. I can still feel his hands on my face and the trace of his thumb across my lips. I can still smell him and remember how his lips tasted on mine. I have never been touched that way before him and doubt it shall ever happen again. I miss him with the ephemeral reality of something that never was and yet was simply everything. I do not know how to get over him because he is part of everything I do, he is inside of me and part of who I am.

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2 Responses to mired in memories

  1. theotherwoman97 says:

    Yes. This.

  2. alleyg8r says:

    It does get better, with time. Even if you don’t really want it to.

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