You amuse me, nothing more

I fill in dead space with you

Contact limited to boredom


Uncaring about your situation

Your mundane and dreary life

You are completely provincial


You are inadequate on every level

A failure of personality traits

Combined with dreadful genes


So insubstantial and uneducated

That you fail to see your irrelevance

In the complete lack of my concern


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4 Responses to spoiled

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    The powerful, driving tempo works well against your words like “mundane” and “irrelevance.” Excellent and more than a little painful; the subject is someone who I strive never to be for those I love.

    • rougedmount says:

      I just love.love.love. how you notice things that I do on purpose. I was angry and trying to casual, as if I wasn’t. I had my back up and was trying to pretend to be indifferent. It was also casting derision back towards myself for my failure to be gracious and lashing out verbally towards a situation I have no control over. The idea of something being ‘spolied’ or ruined … like a mood or a situation; or a person being ‘spoiled’ or rotten on the inside and yet presenting as something wholesome is what I wanted to juxtapose. This is as much about me, as it was about the people I wrote it about. We all have our Achilles heels we try to either hide or try to strengthen, so it is not our inevitable downfall.

  2. TheOWDiaries says:

    Ah but by writing this (as beautiful as it is), you’ve given him room and board in your brain…rent free.

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