a woman in profile

The slant of full, heavy breasts

Slope away from her body

In graceful alabaster lines

The rich geography of a woman

With secret valleys and turgid peaks

Curving hills and graceful plains

Her curvaceous hip rise then fall

Down a rounded and succulent thigh

Hinting at the fullness of hidden globes

The gentle swell of creamy stomach

Hiding a fertile womb and sensitive flesh

The dip of her waist extends in ripples

Ribs barely discernable under the fleshiness

Of a healthy voluptuous woman

She is soft shoulders and silken sweetness

Perfect and sensual in uncovered repose

Touchable, memorable, desirable, edible

Unbearably beautiful, in the half light of dawn

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6 Responses to a woman in profile

  1. C says:

    Just found your mirror to my angst toward my marriage just from a woman’s view. Can not wait to read past entries and future reflections. Amazing person and writer. Admiring fan from St. Louis . stllawyer@gmail.com

    • rougedmount says:

      well thank you so very much for your kind words. your comments are much appreciated. welcome to my blog and i hope you enjoy your stay here…i am afraid i am not overly thematic and i tend to wander a bit when it comes to topics, so i shall beg your forgiveness now, then again, i think that’s part of a woman’s charm and one of the reasons men find us fascinating as a species…or it could simply be the idea we have breasts…

  2. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    Beautiful description of a perfect form.

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