adjustment disorder

He might be dressed in a very fashionable business suit, sitting cross legged in a downtown cafe. He might be clad in beat up wrangler jeans wearing a plaid top, cowboy boots and a baseball cap, strutting into the pub to watch the game on TV. He might be dashingly clad for a black tie affair, hair slicked back and smelling like cologne. Or he could even be wearing a pair of board shorts with bare feet covered in sand as he plays beach volleyball with sunglasses on.

He reaches down without even noticing; his hand going to his groin. You can see his fingers trace the beautiful bulge. His fingers search, push, pull, the thumb cups the deliciously hidden swelling as he discretely tried to adjust his package. Sometimes, it is a quick shift, other times, it takes much more effort to ensure everything is where he would like it to be for comforts sake.

I love the male readjust. Love it. It reminds me that a man’s balls move constantly based on temperature and arousal level. That his private and personal erector set moves and ‘needs’ adjustment based on his current ideas, old memories, covert glances, tempting smells, discrete touches that inspire a sexual response.

I think of a man’s penis as being akin to a kittens tail; a kitten that is being constantly teased and tormented into reacting. A cat’s tail is their mood indicator, exactly as the penis is to a man. The older the cat becomes, the more control they gain. The more effort it takes to get the same level of interest in getting him to paw and pounce, all easily viewable of course, by the fine indication of their twitching and swaying tail.

His adjustment reminds me of his obvious endowment. It is almost impossible for my eyes not to be drawn to his groin. You look, you wonder, you imagine. Sexual imagery floods my mind as to what caused his erotic shifting. It leads to how I could assist him in solving his sudden problem. It makes me think of how neglected his poor penis must be, that his arousal is making him re-adjust himself and how unnecessary it might be if he had been properly serviced in the first place.

His delightful adjustment makes me want to pull his cock out and to suck his beautiful organ back into submission. So his dick lies quietly between the warm sack of his balls and firm harness of his hairy thighs again. It makes me remember how different he is from me. It reminds me what he has that I don’t and how much I love his hard softness and his soft hardness.

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3 Responses to adjustment disorder

  1. jayne says:

    Dreamy and steamy!

  2. shadow1976 says:

    good to hear female’s perspective. .

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