personal words

I am a writer

A word smith

A word crafter

I fight with words

Love with words

Leave with words

They are my weapon of choice

Preference over a voice that cracks

Or refuses to work entirely

When emotion is too much to speak

Or anger is too strong to inflict

Words are my vessel

They carry me and cradle me

They protect me and uphold me

They enslave me to set them free

I do not choose to write

Words need to escape me

After they have collected

My fingers stream rivulets

Or they drip the tiniest of drops

The swirl inside of my head

My heart and my gut

Until they decide to expose themselves

Each idea a different personality

I am nothing but their conduit

I do not matter at all

I am simply the tool they use to become real

The words already existed

I simply allowed them to be seen

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5 Responses to personal words

  1. mel says:

    I love your words… Wonderful!

  2. jayne says:

    This is exactly what I feel about writing too Rougedmount. You are such a pure and true conduit. I’m relieved when I read your words. Thank you, Jayne

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