is it worth it?

How important is an orgasm anyway?
One given to you by another person
Is it worth leaving your family over?
Or is it the need for humane touch?
That drives you to get comfort
From anyone who is willing
Moving out of your home
And starting all over
Is it worth it?

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16 Responses to is it worth it?

  1. mikemajor9 says:

    Taken out of any other context — an unsatisfying sex life, I hope, is something that could be improved by better communication between partners, or with therapy and so forth. As such wouldn’t need necessarily to lead to the demise of a family. But, assuming the unsatisfying sex life is simply part of an overall marital breakdown – the love is gone, the trust is gone, the fidelity is already gone – then I’d say staying together “for the sake of the family” is actually a really bad idea. A loveless marriage isn’t a great thing for kids to live through. So much anger and resentment and negative emotion flowing throughout the household is pretty damaging, I’d expect.

  2. sophoxymoria says:

    Haha the ego is a pleasure seeker. To the “devil” on your shoulder it is worth surrendering all things spiritual, while to the “angel” it is worthless. But you are poled and have free will.

  3. mrmodigliani says:

    Having read a number of these posts, I have to say that I would leave. There is only one life and it passes quickly

  4. Pua Nani says:

    But it is so much more than simply an orgasm for you. It is really about having a partner who is affectionate and values you and cares for you. I bet you would enjoy being with a guy like that even if he had a small penis or was practically impotent. You need a partner who is present and engaged in the relationship.
    Making a new life would be difficult at first, but despite your emotional vulnerabilities it is clear you are a very dynamic and creative woman with a lot of inner strength.
    While you are still with your husband you are imprisoned in his dream, and you must constantly struggle with his projections of who you are or what your life is. If you leave, you have a greater opportunity to live your own dream and define yourself and your life on your own terms.

  5. diirrty says:

    Yes, it’s worth it.

  6. kdaddy23 says:

    Yes, it is; otherwise, why would it ever be an issue in some relationships? Let’s be for real: We get into relationships for love, security, companionship, and sex; we act as if sex isn’t that big of a deal and we’re just fooling ourselves because it always has been a big deal because we all want to be made to feel good during sex and so much that we will do whatever we have to do in order to find that consistent supply of orgasms.

    There’s one’s duty… one’s solemn vow that legally and spiritually binds – and that’s all well and good but while it’s supposed to be ‘for better or worse’, why make someone always settle for worse? Doesn’t that also mean that you also have to deal with yourself for better or worse… and if this is true (and I believe that it is) then who in their right mind would settle for a life without orgasms?

    I know I wouldn’t… and neither should anyone else in this situation that makes this woman write with so much pain and anger in her heart.

  7. Time for you to pack up your bags, and go, or kick his ass out the door…

  8. ContactRida says:

    if you are asking the question, you already know the answer. be brave and true to yourself in whatever decision you make.

  9. dievca says:

    Human touch is necessary to live. Are you living? I don’t think just an orgasm is missing~

  10. rgonaut says:

    Tough questions. No easy answers.

  11. Are you talking about an orgasm, really, or intimacy?

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