women are everything

Such strong hands that love to touch and know how to please
Firmness and confidence in their long stroking over willing flesh
An appreciation for the female form and our differences
You trace the curve of a single breast through the threadbare cotton
Tracing, touching, teasing the hardening nipple at the epicenter of sensation
I am the mystery that is woman, yours to delight in exploration
My reactions of in-drawn breaths and delighted exhalations
Inspire you to please me and discover the nerves that fire for you
I am ever changing to your ministrations and verbal persuasions
Like the wind blowing through the ephemeral clouds
I change shape and cadence to a myriad of stimulus
Making your need for concentration on my shifting, absolute
I pour through your fingers like silken threads unraveling
Coming apart as formless tendrils of riotous colors
You could never possibly know or understand my ilk
Our magic is perfect in every imperfection we wear on tender skin
The truth of who we are is obvious in the softness of our lips and hearts
And as hidden as the steel of our soul and resolve to love unconditionally
A woman is everything and anything; we either are, or reflect, an image
We are contradiction or vice and the most complex of simple ideas
Formed and forged as the bearers of humanity because of our task
To nurture and protect with a fierceness that man will never comprehend
And every woman knows innately, as sure as a shared strand of DNA for violence
That wraps its way around your uterus and heart for any child who rests in either
We are the source of life, the fountain of love and the center of pleasure
Ours is a divinity that surpasses logic and why men can not understand us
And why so many times we fail to understand each other

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2 Responses to women are everything

  1. JMC813 says:

    “A woman is everything, and anything” I love this simply stated line. Unfortunately I have met too many beautiful (inside and out) women who put themselves in another category all together. Far too many forget “everything and anything” and put themselves in the “nothing” category. Some from insecurities self imposed, but most unfortunately from insecurities imposed on them from society, or a ruthless partner or some such other BULLSHIT. I wish they could all stand strong and realize the inner and outer beauty each one of them possesses. Great piece of self awareness and strong character. Told in a very enticing and spellbinding way.
    Keep Inspiring

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