bait and switch date…

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you don’t look ’10 years younger’ and you actually ‘DO’ look your age. That photo you have with buff arms, chest and flat tummy? It was taken 6 years go and while I am sure you liked how you looked then, it’s not who you are now. Your lying about it makes you look vain and inauthentic. That’s another word for ‘liar’ since you didn’t exactly come off as educated as you portrayed yourself.
That whole serious and brooding look you had in the pictures? It hides the fact you have horrible teeth. You have seen my pictures. You can clearly tell they were recent and that personal hygiene is important to me. If I make sure my horse and dogs have nice teeth (and nails) don’t you think it would matter to me that on a man I planned on kissing or touching me, that he had nice ones as well? Shiver…your zombie teeth and chewed up nails are going nowhere near me.
You have tried the classic ‘bait and switch’, presenting yourself one way while actually looking the complete opposite. Surprise! I noticed. Everybody will notice in the future. Just in case you had any doubt as to my interest level, even though I articulated it to you? There is none. There will be no repeat. I was polite and nothing more. I am so far out of your league we may not even be playing the same sport.

(iamexageratingfordramaticeffect; no dates were actually harmed, either verbally or mentally in the making of this post, if any dates had been harmed then appropriate compensation and therapy would have been forthcoming from an appropriate source. in the event any dates happen to occur as a result of this post, it is the express written opinion of the author that due diligence be taken before said event takes place or waivers be signed indicating that all expectation be negotiated upon verification that the said party has taken any and all precautions against the possibility that they are not whom they present themselves to be or that the reasonable facsimile be thought of as an approximate detail, until such time as visual verification can occur.)

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23 Responses to bait and switch date…

  1. jayne says:

    Surprise! I noticed …. I am so far out of your league we may not even be playing the same sport FUNNY – thanks for the laughs.

    • rougedmount says:

      grin.. you are quite welcome!

      • jayne says:

        You have me even more hesitant to try dating – but at least you make it funny (sort of – because the reality of this date would be a sign to go get drunk at a bar)

      • rougedmount says:

        do not be afraid to date! everyone has issues and quirks and no one is without value or interest, even if they aren’t what you expected them to be. you can still have either a short visit or a longer one, you can still be polite and kind. Just because someone lied to you or misrepresented themselves, does not mean you have to be unkind or disrespectful back. You can simply state you had a lovely chat, it was nice meeting them, but considering that they are not what you expected, that you are not interested in pursing anything further with them. The rejection they may face, after presenting their character as someone who lacks confidence in who they are and lies about basic information is not someone you care to affiliate yourself with. Simple, straightforward and done.

      • jayne says:

        I know and I’m nice… I’m still scared but I think that’s to be expected. Can I hire you as my matchmaker? haha : )

      • rougedmount says:

        support system, yes…matchmaker, no

      • jayne says:

        Thank you. I must say, I do love how straight forward you seem to be. It’s such a refreshing trait. This story was real enough that it was inspiring, so I’ll think of you when I dive in. I have no clue exactly where to start. Good luck on your hunt. XO, Jayne

      • rougedmount says:

        lol..i am NOT hunting..however i am pretending to being i am really not, i think..but i am accepting the attention of men who run across me as opposed to saying no..and the attention comes from the strangest of places..but i keep reminding myself to be open..and so i am trying..its just not working so well..and i think its because i dont really want to be open to classic example of snake eating its tail

      • jayne says:

        I completely understand. I meant hunting in that heightened state of awareness, focus and inner instinctual guidance towards a good man. (I know – idealistic but it’s a good mental starting point to me)

  2. dievca says:

    Ohh myy… I laughed out loud because I had this happen to me. I called them out on it, face to face and asked why….the answer was interesting and they did have a point.

    • rougedmount says:

      i would LOVE to hear it..

      • dievca says:

        There was a 6 year difference between the age he stated and his actual age. You could see it in person, but not in the photo (BW photo, could be blond, he wasn’t bald). The reason he dropped his age was because of preconceived notions about older people and sex. It stopped me in my tracks and got me to open my mind. (Please note that his manners and grooming were impeccable.) I have to say — the 60+ year old was the most fantastic, generous lover. Much better than any of the young pups. XO

      • rougedmount says:

        manners and older model of a classic is still a classic…

  3. daytightliving says:

    Whyyyyyyyy do people do this?! Do they really think that when you see them IRL, you will say, “oh well, that’s okay” and do them anyway? omg.

  4. Brilliant…one guy I talked to said women are always lying about their ages or put up old photos – works both ways!

    • rougedmount says:

      i look my age because this IS how i look at you i am blessed with some kick ass genes and good skin i don;t lie about it…and if i looked older? then maybe i would lie and say i was older so people thought i looked good for being 10 yrs older?

  5. Nathan says:

    Someone dodged a bullet. Now I just got to decide which one of you it was.

  6. So you actually get off on pretending to be a prissy debutante?! Wow, lets play your game, sounds like SO much fun.

    • rougedmount says:

      i am not now, nor have i ever been, a ‘prissy debutante’. nor do i ‘play games’. i would never be so disrespectful of someone’s time to pretend to be something, or someone, i clearly was not. misrepresentation comes with judgement, the first of which is authenticity.

      this post was meant as a tongue in cheek public service announcement guarding against being anything other than who you are and having people accept you or not for it. it was certainly not meant to inspire derisive comments towards myself or others who find vapid and vain people who lie, as the ‘injured party’ when it comes to being called on it.

  7. TheOWDiaries says:

    They don’t know who they are…..

  8. Well, on a positive note… at least they were the gender they claimed to be, right? I can only imagine how THAT conversation would go… LOL

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