on my knees; the wall (part 3)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 4

There was no where to go. Nothing existed but that fire burning between us, consuming us, changing us, as his mouth viciously kissed mine. There was no tenderness there. No coy teasing and playful retreat.  He ground his lips over mine and used his tongue as a weapon making me submit to his desires, his needs. The force of his hands, the power in his body, all barely restrained as he shook from the effort not attack me sexually with absolute ferocity. But I could feel it in the tautness of every corded muscle and every throb of his massive erection when it touched my body.

I could not think beyond what he was doing to me: the feel of his hardness against my soft stomach, hard and rough hands on my face; his thumb dragging on my lower lip, forcing my mouth open wider, then biting and sucking on first one and then the other, succulent offering under his own. The open mouthed invasion was a sloppy, destroying, punitive kiss that was meant to devour my soul and take away any idea of future resistance.

I felt the rough wall against my back as the breath left my body from the sudden force of impact, not even realizing that our movements and jostling had moved us or had purposeful direction. My sudden stopping seemed to ignite him. In a single motion, his hands left my face to grab my ass and raise me up against his chest. He pushed between my spreading thighs; my legs came up to wrap around his sinewy waist, aided by his guiding hand. His hips thrust forward and I could feel myself being impaled.

I screamed out and threw my head back against the wall, arching my back and neck, trying to get away, seeking respite from the impossible invasion I knew was coming, but I was pinned solidly between the wall and his rock hard chest; his cock nailing me to it as surely as a spike of a railway tie. There was no way I was going to be able to take him inside of me. He was too big, too long and too thick. His massive cock head parted the flooded folds of my pussy like a whale’s back breaches the glass like surface water of the ocean. The slow and steady force of its cumbersome colossal body, gliding effortlessly into the space it has made for itself. My body opened for him, stretching more that I could have ever imagined possible, to accommodate his heavy, substantial girth.

I threw my head forward and into his shoulder, my screams were muffled against his the solid expanse of his wide chest and that brought his seeking mouth back to mine, so he could take my very breathe inside of him. “Take it, take it” he crooned in encouragement against my lips. “That’s my good little girl! That’s my sweet little bitch. You take that big cock!” His words plus the sweet sensations of being rent in two had me screaming out in the pleasure pain of absolute arousal, as I felt my body lose control and sweep wildly into an orgasm that burst over me like the flood waters from a breaking dam.

The bursting red glare of my excitement was all the encouragement he needed, as his steady progression inside of my body was now aided by the betrayal of my own body and the flood of my own juices that sluiced down his mammoth shaft. The clenching and release of my pulsing pussy assisting him, pulling him deeper inside of me, allowing my tight cunt to adjust and stretch for him. I was taking all of him, every single inch of his perfect cock was entering me.

He had me pinned hard against the wall and used me as a fulcrum to try and move it. His rhythm of barely moving back, to just advance deeper, had made it impossible for my body to subside its arousal, in spite of my climax. If nothing else, it was the stage for further advancement towards sensations I did not know were possible. Deeper, harder, he entered me. His sturdy thrusts and quickening breath, driving me to heightened awareness that I had never been fucked like this, had never needed anything like I needed ‘this’ type of fucking. I had no idea this is what had been missing from my life until this very moment. Now that I knew, I was lost; lost forever in the feel of his substantial cock inside of the tight resistance of my body.

I don’t know how I accommodated a man his size; I had no idea of the capability of my own woman’s body until I felt the grind of his pelvic bone against my own. At that moment when I knew I had taken his entire cock inside of me, when he growled against my shoulder and bit down on the tender flesh of my neck, I felt the start of another orgasm building deep inside of me, starting to rip itself from my body with the violence of complete capitulation . In his absolute stillness, the only movement between either of us was the steady throbbing of his erection, buried deeply, to the hilt inside of me.

I cried against him, hands on his chest, looking for something, anything, to hold onto. I started desperately squirming and grinding. I was tossing my head from side to side. It was too much, it was simply too much. I felt his hands leave my hips and thighs to grab my arms and pull them high over my head. He transferred both of my hands to one of his to pin me there like a towel animal hanging from a resort mirror. His other broad hand came down to my throat, sliding up under my chin to grab my face between thumb and splayed fingers to steady the erratic movements of my head, so he could once again assault my bruised lips with his.

The harsh, guttural grunts of exhalation, that accompanied his every thrust upwards, deep inside of me, pushed me into a vortex of sound and light explosion that threw me erratically between the two like the twisting display of kaleidoscope color’s and patterns. In the haze of my passion, my body was aware of his urgency building, his muscles coiling into impossible tightness. I could feel the swelling of his engorgement as I once again ceased to exist. Time meant nothing as the dervish of vibrations resounded through every cell of my body, echoing in the catacombs of muscle memory that this was either the moment of my birth or death. It was impossible for me to define which it was.

Somewhere in the far distant blackness where I had gone, I heard him roar with sexual release; the spewing fountain of his molten cum, bursting inside of me. I did not feel the rough wall against my back or his sweat slick, hard body pressing me into it. I did not feel my pinned arms and confined hands. I was being filled in hard jolting spasms of liquid heat and the torture of a confined cock finding its purpose in sexual release. And then I felt nothing at all, as I slipped away into the welcome respite of velvet darkness that caught me, as I crumbled downwards and inside of myself.

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9 Responses to on my knees; the wall (part 3)

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  2. Man, oh man, that was seriously, deliriously GOOD. You fucking rocked that story.

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