on my knees (part 1)

As I looked down at him, it was hard to believe how thick he actually was. I ‘knew’ he was well endowed…but this? I had no idea he had THIS between his thighs. I could feel my heart rate increase and I swallowed a suddenly dry mouth, as I looked back up into his face. He was looking at me with a teasing glint in his eye, quickly cocking one eyebrow and slight smirk of awareness on his lips as he shrugged casually. He was very familiar with what happened when women saw his cock and by the looks of it; he liked their reaction, including mine.

I reached out to trace one finger and long nail along its length, from base to tip. Slowly I traced contours and the ropey veins along his shaft until I focused attention on the sweet, swelling rim of his helmet. The delicate sinew and heart shaped dip drawing my eye until my tongue wanted to trace the same place. I circled his head, his broad, fleshy and curving mushroomed head and I circled it, committing the shape and size to touch memory, until gentle prolonged teasing brought forth the seeping drop of dew I was hoping for. It grew to the point that it slid back from his slit and fell in the perfect tear drop of lubrication onto my fingertip.

I now had new focus with the gift of his oozing desire welling up before my eyes, to bring about new sensations for him as the soft friction was replaced with the silken gliding of  pre-cum over his sensitive man flesh. It made his cock throb delightfully to watch me trace swirls of juice over his perfect plum. I could see the velvet pouch of his sack roll like the waves on an ocean and tighten closer to his body.  His cock thickened even further as he engorged to a tight, hard and shiny pillar of inspiration.

I could smell the heated musk and the salty tang of a strong and healthy, sexually aroused male. I wanted to rub my face against his erection, like a cat against the pant leg of a much loved owner, staking claim and marking territory. Instead I breathed upon his heated flesh, my face so close that I could feel the scorching heat of his desire even though I had yet to touch him with anything but a single finger. I softly whispered to him.

“Do you want me to lick your cock? You want me to trace your shaft with my lips, my tongue, don’t you baby?”

“You want me to stroke your big, heavy cock? I’ll have to use both of my hands. You want to see my spit drool down your head and pool on your balls as you push your cock inside of my mouth, don’t you?” “You want to see my cheeks bulge from taking your cock head inside of my mouth.”

“You want to grab my head now, don’t you?  Pull my hair? You want to force your cock into my mouth and face fuck me. You want to make me gag and choke on it and call me your little cock sucking bitch. You want me to be your cum slut, don’t you?”

A low and husky laugh passed my lips as this finally made him groan and clench his fists. Hearing a refined and educated woman talk dirty to him, drove him crazy. I could hear the snap of his teeth clenching as he fought for control of his throbbing cock. He was dying for my touch. Needing it so very badly and all I would do is torment him with my fingers soft touch and passion filled voice. I wanted him so aroused that he forgot about control. I wanted to bring him to the edge 100 times until he forgot about anything other than the need to throw himself over the precipice.

I wanted him to punish me for teasing and arousing him for so long. I wanted the payback I knew this sexual denial was going to bring me. I needed the control to be taken from me in such a way as to make me regret having made him suffer with a hard cock for so long. He was going to eventually forget that he had to be gentle or take his time because of his impressive size and he was going to take that enormous, thick cock of his and he was going to use it to teach me a lesson on being a good girl. And I was going to love every single inch of it and every single moment.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

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29 Responses to on my knees (part 1)

  1. jayne says:

    Just perfect – that is exactly how to enjoy life.

  2. That’s what the fuck im talking about

  3. mel says:

    Oh. My. Fucking. God. I wish I had a cock right now!!! 😛

  4. Call Me Caitlin M says:

    oooof. I almost fainted. My goodness you sure can write good. Now I have to go find BOB.

  5. well now that im dripping might as well put this pussy to good use… where is that husband of mine??? =)

  6. 'Tis says:

    and that is how it’s done ladies… WOW! I might of just read these posts in the wrong order, but this was seriously sexy and seductive. BRAVO!!!

  7. ballsakhung says:

    The way you write is so powerful! A man will (voluntarily) decide to ‘watch’ this scene from the perspective of the ‘he’ you are addressing. And you know that… So this reveals (in spycam fashion) a possible encounter with you. And if this is you in the wildest of moods, then my advice is please, please retain that wildness, that fire-glint in your burning, smoky eyes; that cock-sure, half smile. Believe in that full-bodied womanly blood of wine that flows through you. You are intoxicating – the fucking paragon of the female divine!

    So don’t you dare weep for your husband. The time for weeping is over. Why would a god weep for the plight of pathetic man? You might be on your knees, but you have mankind gripped by the fucking balls. Take control of your destiny.


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  9. Okay. This … is … SO FUCKING HOT! I don’t think I breathed after I read this sentence “I wanted to bring him to the edge 100 times until he forgot about anything other than the need to throw himself over the precipice” — and while I read the last paragraph. I love that I don’t’ have to wait for part 2 and can just click over to it.

  10. myarousal says:

    This is so fucking hot!

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