on my knees: face fuck (part 2)

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4

I did not go slow, but immediately opened my mouth and took as much of his thick and swollen cock flesh as deep down into the hot confine of my throat, as was physically possible. I forced my face down on his erection as hard as I could, pulling his hips forward in a sudden forced thrust and I held him there, grinding my throat around his cock, twisting and turning until I was gagging on his engorged meat and couldn’t breathe.

His reaction, after being teased for so long by my withholding any touch at all, to having my initiate the rough entry into my throat, made his knees bend even as I felt every muscle in his hips and thighs harden in masculine sexual aggression. He uttered a primitive and guttural, snarling growl of possession, hands immediately coming to pull my hair and hold my head, much like I had taunted him with earlier. He needed no further encouragement as he started to viciously fuck my face in hard, fast punitive strokes, leaving long strands of saliva dripping from my lips, as I looked up from his groin with eyes watering, leaving streaks of sudden tears running down my cheeks.

My lips were stretched as far as they could go. His cock so big, it was impossible to take even a quarter of it into my mouth, no matter how hard we tried to force him. The back of my throat became tender and bruised before he became aware of himself again. He pulled back, hissing his arousal and then thrust forward in a long slow rhythm; the messy insertion of his beautiful dick into my open mouth. He did this slow tantalizing dance over and over again,  teasing himself this time between need and withholding the heat he was looking for . He took his thick cock and smacked my face with it. Wetly slapping my waiting tongue, leaving streams of pre cum dripping from is purple helmet to my eager mouth and all over my face.

He let go of his beautiful horse cock,  his hands grasping either side of my face and pulled me into a standing position to kiss my lips  in a demanding, consuming, passionate, open mouthed kiss. His tongue replaced his cock as he forced it into my mouth; making me suck on it as he thrust it repeatedly into my eager orifice. The wet, sloppy kiss left his cock arching hard up into my stomach, as he bent downwards into my much smaller form, trying to envelope me into his broad, bare chest.

Our breath was coming hard and fast; we were panting like breeding dogs pushing and jostling against each other trying to find the perfect chance to mount and lock together. I could feel the wet slickness of his throbbing cock, smearing a trail of pre cum across my abdomen. My nipples ached from hard arousal and the pain of not being touched. Every time his glorious cock throbbed, my body clenched in response, leaving my thighs slippery with my body’s response to being manhandled, desperate to have that sweet impalement; needing him to stretch me, to fill me, to enter my hot pussy as hard as his cock had entered the mouth that he was now savaging.

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15 Responses to on my knees: face fuck (part 2)

  1. Pua Nani says:

    I can’t wait for you to go out and make some poor unsuspecting well endowed man absurdly happy. Whether it means u get a divorce or not.

  2. Amazingly sexy! You have a dirty dirty gift! I can’t wait to read more and more and more!

  3. 'Tis says:

    lapping up the drool that somehow managed to seep out the side of my mouth. wonder how that happened? 😉

  4. Such an erotic and rousing write…

  5. ballsakhung says:

    O.K, it might be you with the cock in your mouth, but reading this – it is the men who are unable to put a syllable together. We are speechless at your verbal mastery… Part 3 beckons?…

  6. it’s amazing to hear a woman write about her need for big cock sex, to be dominated thoroughly and shown her place by a bull

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  8. jayne says:

    I was looking for this post to pass on to a friend. I think he’s lost the ability to talk. Hope you are at this again soon. xo, J

  9. You did not disappoint. Not one bit. Oh my goodness. His cock giving a face slapping, him “leaving streams of pre cum dripping from is purple helmet to my eager mouth and all over my face.” Wowza.

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  12. shownuffsite says:

    I very much enjoy your enticing moments of bliss and wonder. The read was a wake up call for the better.

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