affair notification

I have said it before to him and I said it again. We were alone in the car and coming back from the movies. I came out and told him that since he is not interested in me sexually, I am pursuing other men, to find another man, to take care of my physical needs and he is not to say a damn thing to me when I start spending the nights away from home again since I gave him every opportunity to discus sex with me and he absolutely refuses to.

His response? It was to say nothing, of course.

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24 Responses to affair notification

  1. Glenn says:

    What did you expect him to say. There’s nothing to say. The sooner this relationship comes to an end the better so you can both move on with your lives.

  2. play613796 says:

    You have made every attempt to engage him, and his silence to your direct question speaks volumes. You deserve some happiness.

  3. Why do you stay together.

  4. Ah, I understand…You are a champion. Go forth and seek. Xo

  5. jayne says:

    All I could think was “wow” – to get to that point in your mind, to actually tell him, and then the following through while he’s still in the same house. You made me wonder why it didn’t even occurr to me to stay married and just have an affair. I think it would have if I was in your shoes with a special child who still needed my guidance. Ya think there should be a chapter on divorce in “What to expect if your expecting” ?

    • rougedmount says:

      lol.. i will write a new book.. entitled.. what to expect when you are expecting – the real shit that happens

      • jayne says:

        Count me in for an excerpt!!!!! Your post really made me wonder about things. “Things” being husbands who don’t make an effort to make their marriages better. That could be said for women too but I just don’t get the mindset of people who can settle for so little. I’m dumbfounded at the level of ? fear, lack of courage, what is it that makes it ok to NOT do anything???? I don’t understand thinking like that.

      • rougedmount says:

        neither do i…neither do i…

      • jayne says:

        I have tried to figure that out for probably longer than you. I read and see that you’re intelligent and logical and … I thought you were going to have an answer for me!! HaHa A therapist did tell me that some people just live as they are. I simply am not wired that way – no way, no how.

      • rougedmount says:

        in my spouses case he has a myriad of issues and none are on my shoulders..but he refuses to accept or believe the truth. and u can’t make someone be ready when they aren’t. my acceptance of him let me get the help i needed in another man and the happier i became. this lead to my finding my primary support system outside of my marriage and thats exactly where it is today.

      • jayne says:

        : ) And, that’s how it has to be. Good for you.

  6. sparkles4m says:

    You are brave to tell him that. That was his opportunity to step up to the plate if he was going to. i have been married 25 years. i still am. i can’t remember the last time my husband and i had sex. i have tried and tried but he doesn’t seem interested either. i even sent him for Viagra, they are still in the bottle from months ago. i have tried to talk to him about it and he just gets so angry and defensive. We stayed together for the children. i recently completely gave up on him. Now i have a secret life with Master. We are human, we have needs and sex is one of them.

  7. loneyheart says:

    I hope you find a way to have peace. I would suggest you start with separate bedrooms. For me the pain of laying in a bed next to a man who wanted no part of me was soul killing. Then just remain honest with him. It is probably time to discuss a marital agreement in which he can not file divorce claims against you for adultery. You need to take all legal steps to protect yourself and your children. And then go live your life as best as its possible for you and your kids. Much love.

  8. kdaddy23 says:

    You know, most women in this situation wouldn’t have announced that they were going to have an affair – they would have just done it and not given a shit how he felt about it – so you are to be commended for your attempts to give him every opportunity to man up and do his job as your husband.

    I know that there are a lot of sexless marriages – his fault or hers. I just cannot imagine myself being with a woman and not wanting to screw her brains out at every opportunity (even if she didn’t feel the same way). It’s a husband’s duty… but it’s also a big part of being a man as well.

    So cover your ass, girlfriend – then go get yours because if anyone deserves a good fucking, it’s you.

  9. ballsakhung says:

    Goddess. Go forth. Seek your Inner (lust) demon and becum the greatest (love) angel that men have ever faced. This is your time! Time is yours. Take it. Devour whomever you please. But ensure you utter devotion to the will of your sacred sex…

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