urgent needs

Slide inside of me

Don’t bother taking your time

I need your heavy hardness, now

You will find I am ready for you

Surprisingly slick, wetly wanting

Deliciously salted sweetness

Hot, so brilliantly hot

One long hard thrust from you

Buried balls deep and arching

In a feral grunt of taking

I can feel you throb, already

Just from your hard entry inside of me

My tight confinement teasing you

Arousing your body to pound me

I can feel your stalled hesitation

Unwilling to move and risk losing control

But your cock’s throbbing is making me squeeze

Involuntary, quivering muscle contractions

My womb demanding your sperm

Milking your cock to its desired completion

You growl at me to stop moving

I whimper back, to just fuck me hard

And so you plunge, force, propel and grind

Pounding me senseless in a lust filled haze

Of sexual demand and selfish need

And it makes me orgasm instantly

Arousal so intense that your cock

Inside of my swollen pussy is the only thing

That has ever mattered or will ever matter again

Inside of my lost mind I feel the intense heat

Of your semen as it bursts forth inside of me

Painting secrets from the beautiful cream of your balls

Sending me into a cascading series of retreating orgasms

As I tumble into mindless tensing, clenching

Gasping female cries of pleasure, surrender

Mewling, crying absolutely overpowered

Sensations making inertia the only possible outcome

As I slowly become aware of the softening of your tumescence

And the weight of your balls as they descend towards my ass

Resting against my body, now that they are empty once again

Miniscule movements as you tenderly move inside of me

Letting me adjust to the softness of your gentle touch

That you use to comfort me and bring me back from the hardness

From the inescapable demands of urgent arousal between us

And on the console, the steaming cups of coffee

Send swirls of steam up towards the windshield

Not having had time enough, to even cool down

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7 Responses to urgent needs

  1. 'Tis says:

    Good heavens you are on a roll this morning. 😉 and if I wasn’t feeling needy earlier insure as hell am now. xo

  2. ballsakhung says:

    the confidence in which you write
    the flow in how it reads
    the vividness of the minutest deed
    captured in his moves
    of rabid heat,
    the submissive hole her yearning breeds
    the way you encompass the female lead
    the way you masterfully cocktease
    and ease the reader as you please –
    how on earth do you understand – so well –
    the mind of man that must only swell
    with your words, our balls, you knead,
    to possess our souls fully
    you take our very seed.

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