Kiss Me

my lips are very prominent and i catch people looking at them all the time. men say they can not look at them without imagining them being dragged over their shafts and wondering if my nether lips are just as full…women wonder if they are as soft as they look. i am a talented kisser and if a man equals me, then the arousal level is beyond compare. we should spend more time kissing…its so very important.


2010-06-21 001

Your lips are the most exposed
Erogenous zone for kissing
Evolutionary and psycho-social
A biological point of view.

Equally fascinating and necessary
For living and fulfilling
Is the human need for touch.

Densely packed of 10,000
Nerve endings of flesh
Responding so intensely
Of every kind of electricity.

With massive fusion
Igniting to the brain
Of sexual stimulation.

The neural pathways in place
A romantic kiss does nothing less
Than set off an avalanche
Of biological activity.

During a passionate kiss
Blood vessel is dilating
Oxygen is routing
Breathing is quickening
The Breath becomes ingratiating.

Cheeks flush with pulsing light
Eyes dilating dopamine, serotonin
Norepinephrine, oxytocin
And adrenaline levels spike.

Leaving our bodies awash
In chemical overload.
Making kissing hardwired
Extremely pleasurable
And to some degree
Even addictive.


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3 Responses to Kiss Me

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Oh, may I kiss you?

  2. ballsakhung says:

    Feel empowered! Goddessly. As we line a lengthy line in wait, in the hopes for a sight of your lips. Watch us tear hair from hair, limb from limb for a taste of your kiss…

  3. Glenn says:

    As I’ve told you before I’ve had virtually no sex life but I did date a couple of young ladies when I was in my late teens. I learned to kiss while I was dating those girls and I think I deserve to blow my own horn a little here and say I was really good at it. In one of the few times since those old days that I got to kiss a woman I gave it all I had. It was really passionate and after our lips parted she looked at me and said “where did you learn to kiss like that?” It was all the validation I needed. I just wish I was given more opportunity to put my expertise into action over the last 40 years.

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