My fingers become broken and bloodied

When another rock falls to smash my hands

As I struggle to climb upwards

With nothing stable to use as purchase

Every foothold I take to try and climb over the ruins

Of what was once a well ordered and stable life

End’s up with dislodged boulders

Shattering the bones of my shoulders and shins

I am scrambling and going nowhere

I am in constant motion and yet inert

Movement without progress

I am beginning to think that some things

You just don’t have the time to get over

A lifetime simply isn’t long enough

To find another way around

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10 Responses to inertia

  1. Desiree G says:

    That’s why I sometimes choose to walk around the mountain and ignore it entirely instead of scaling it.

  2. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    I agree, some things stick forever. I’ve tested it.

  3. mel says:

    The futility is exhausting. Miserable. What about walking away?

  4. ballsakhung says:

    I understand the way you feel.

    Two possible ways through the rubble:

    1. Helicopter. No, seriously – I mean psychologically: a way of getting away (in your mind) and change vantage point. Bypass the problem by not going around, or struggling over it, but by getting away from the place entirely.

    2. Stasis followed by teleportation… I say ‘stasi’s as your poem is called inertia – there is a difficulty to move in the first place. Stasis means you have to remain rooted where you are, to ‘grin and bear it’ in the short term at least. The feeling of inertia is actually a means of getting through it, psychologically – but it is not perceived as a stage. But it is. After the period of stasis (time is a healer), you are likely simply to be in a complete different frame of mind (positive, active, hands-on etc) and find yourself in a completely different, new environment. You would have, therefore, teleported from the problem.


    • rougedmount says:

      i am in the place of ‘bearing things’..its just taking longer than expected to move along inside of my mind

      • ballsakhung says:

        The human mind is the glory of the universe that had sought to covet it – but lost in the big bang trying to figure it all out. Looks like only the human mind will figure out the cause of the universe. Nothing else can.

        Keep strong. Your mind – and you – are stronger than you think.

        (I know this because I keep my brains in my balls – and have experienced a few big bangs in my time… Sorry. Just humouring you, is all. Trying to raise your spirits 😉

  5. I hate that some things seem they’ll never get better.

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