game, set, match


You are a stupid and tedious woman

A controlling, argumentative bitch

A worthless dried up, disease riddled, cunt

And at the moment I do not like you

You inspired me to anger

When you aren’t worthy of my efforts

I simply do not care about you

You don’t even matter to me

I have to deal with your professionally

But you are a non person from now on

You are irrelevant

The only reason I am actually annoyed

Is because I have to deal with you

And as soon as my obligation is over

Then you will go back to the obscurity

Where you came from and belong

With the other dank and vile creatures

Who suck the life from people

Like a voracious parasite

Feeding off higher life forms

While your existence is meaningless

It must be so hard for you

Trying so hard to get noticed

As you age without Grace and your looks fade

And your personality repels people

Your boorish and blustering ways

Are as unattractive as your scowl lines

You are a bleach blond, fake

Desperate to hold onto imagined power

Mistaking ignorance for education

Too provincial to see how base you are

People are laughing at you, not with you

Your cerebral abilities inhibit your understanding

That you are a joke no one respects

Some people may fear you because of your position

But I am not one of them

You are beneath me in every way

People like you are easily forgotten

You take up far too much negative space

I have to remember to keep perspective

That you are a small, menial woman

And every time you parade your inadequacies

Throw a screaming tantrum of rage

Make demands and provide inaccurate information

I have to treat you like the sub standard person you are

This is not your game – it’s mine

You are not in control – I am

I allowed you to get under my skin

From the constant chaffing and irritation

You never cease to provide

But I have remembered that you aren’t worthy

Not of my anger, my frustration, my effort or time

My derision is complete and absolute

Let’s see how you handle the pressure

As I start to throw things your way

Things you can’t handle

You will make a mockery of yourself

And I will keep providing you ample opportunity

Since you are so desperate to hang yourself

I will guide you to the coiled rope

And as you twist and struggle

Legs scissoring in blind panic

Hands clutching and fingers digging frantically

At your bruised and strangled neck

That is when I will pinch your head off

Like the parasite you are

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11 Responses to game, set, match

  1. Glenn says:

    So do you like her or not? it’s kind of hard to tell from what you wrote. LOL

  2. jayne says:

    I get the feeling that she has no clue about you and what she’s in for.

  3. Angry at all lol, I like it.

  4. diirrty says:

    Anger is such an under utilised emotion. More, please 😉

  5. rougedmount says:

    ~okay~ i “may” have been
    but the purpose of writing it out for me, is to get it out of my head so i can calm down and move on. i consider myself fortunate that writing does this for me.

  6. JMC813 says:

    Writing is such a powerful release. Glad we have it at our disposal. Powerful therapeutic piece. I know people like that. I think of them as Psychic Vampires. Feeding off the energy they drain from you with their tireless attitudes, drama, back stabbing, undermining, finger pointing, and the rest of the bullshit. And each one has two faces. Neither one can I stand to look at. Anyway, glad you could vent here. It helped me too.
    Keep Inspiring

    • rougedmount says:

      ohhhhh psychic vampires!!!! this is now in my vocabulary…and its such an apt description…its been a long time since i have encountered someone like her…i am so fortunate that i can normally choose the people i work with…and i avoid people who suck the psychic life from completely forgot how it felt..i’ve done the mental shift and its made a world of difference already.

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