this picture

i keep coming back to this picture…day after day, i look at it. i imagine…god i imagine…and it just clenches me deep inside. its almost like the aftermath of a surge of adrenaline…it makes me respond physically like a series of nerve firings and my eyes trace the hidden lines…they trace them, they trace them…they trace them with longing and curiosity. AND KNOWING. i remember, oh god  i  remember and  i want my fingers and mouth engaged in rediscovery and remembrance. i am brought back to the time before I knew men, back when their secret bulges were undiscovered.

seeing the difference between their body and mine with a deep curiosity and a slight twinge of fear. trepidation. how could that possibly fit inside of me? how can a girls body possibly have something that big inserted inside of it? how could she seek it out and want it? the not knowing how it works. when i look at this picture, i remember that innocence of a time before i knew and understood. i see that magnificent cock in its barely restrained glory highlighted by innocent white briefs and i understand everything; everything except how it will make me feel and knowing how i felt with others? i have to assume that this would be even better.

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