You remind me why I like you when I talk to you. I like your voice, especially when I hear you smile or can make you laugh. You make me smile as I listen to the nuances of your voice change. And yet all I could think about today was how much I wanted to ride you. Knowing you would be looking up at my wild hair and parted lips with your hands on my breasts.

I think about kissing you and teasing myself with your arousal. Knowing you are hard for me turns me on. Remembering how it felt for you to throb inside of me as you came has aroused me. Wondering if that is something you want again but on a more frequent basis. Or perhaps it was simply reminiscence.

The fact that we have remained friends in spite of time and distance, makes me happy. The casual nature of our relationship has a lovely undertone of sexual awareness, similar to the bouquet of a crisp new wine. It is clear and easy with a fullness of body that comes from complete enjoyment and awareness of each other. We click.

I like you as a man. I enjoy you to the extent that being with you is easy and if we had the availability to explore, I could see things simply improving as time went on. I would like to know you sexually. Be available for you to learn all my wants and desires first hand. I would want to satiate all of your physical needs. I want you to look into my eyes when you push inside of me knowing I want you, exactly where you are.


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  1. I have a blog crush on you! ❤

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