move on

Look at me

I’m beautiful

Listen to me

I’m educated

I forgot for a while

I chose you once

Now I can remove you

You can’t hurt me

I am better than you

In every way

I can and I will

Move on to a better life

You aren’t welcome

Not in my heart or head

You are nothing compared to me

I am faithful and strong

I am sexual and sensual

I worship the person I am with

Without giving up who I am

And look at you

Chasing your youth

Looking like a sad fool

Unable to commit

Or to focus on what matters

You are a lost soul

Playing games

Notching posts

Collecting conquests

Trying to re-capture

Lost opportunities

While I am just fucking fabulous

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4 Responses to move on

  1. unlovingyou says:

    you are totally fucking fabulous. read this every time you think otherwise. this is perfect. i may have to read it to remind myself when i am feeling weak!

  2. secondchance262 says:

    Beautiful words from a beautiful woman. If he doesn’t see what others see then it is his loss. You are fabulous and don’t let anyone tell otherwise.

  3. tispersonal says:

    love this! live this! believe this!

  4. No one can hurt you but only if you allow it. You are a great person with a beautiful heart. You proved yourself with mercy and compassion and now it’s time to move on to a new chapter.

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