Game on

I felt him standing behind me, so much taller than I am. He was almost touching my back as a slight shifting made my jacket lightly brush against him. I could feel him bend down, his mouth close to my ear, to speak quietly and privately with me, even as I turned my head over my shoulder to confirm who it was. “As soon as I saw you walk in, I started to get hard. Don’t move away from me for the next few minutes, so I can use you as a shield or everyone is going to see it.”

By the time he finished talking and straightened up, my husband and another couple had come up in front of us, so I turned back towards them and reached out to accept the proffered take away cup of hot coffee my husband handed to me. As he leaned forward to shake hands with ‘him’, I gasped as I felt his huge erection brush against my back. With a strange look on his face, my husband looked at me and asked ‘are you okay?’

“Fine, I just spilled coffee on my hand”.

I quickly raised the cup and took a sip to hide the amused look on my face, the smile on my lips and to choke down a nervous laugh as everyone took a few minutes to make small talk and catch up, at the first game of the kid’s hockey season. I felt the slight temperature change as he put more space between us, to stand more beside me as opposed to slightly behind and I knew the move came because his erection had diminished enough to not be noticeable.

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3 Responses to Game on

  1. Just a Little Background Noise says:

    Ha, that’s hot! I can almost imagine your grin with that one 😀

  2. A Good Wife says:

    Is this fantasy or real life? I swear nothing like this ever happened to me.

  3. angelmorals says:

    Wow…thats so unbelievable… wow… I would have spilled the coffee on me…

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